Closed account, I’m done

From poor customer service last night, it now gets more ludicrous.

Monzo have just sent me a notification

I presume this is so I can rate how helpful I found the closed in-app chat…

I honestly couldn’t make this up :rofl:


Wow, this is bad

I still have the chat button and it wasn’t closed to me last night. Didn’t receive a notification either after opening the chat

But seeing all the issues people have with support doesn’t fill me with confidence


I think this, from my also limited experience but with the same/similar interface as you, is because when you click to chat it ‘opens’ up a chat session and the chatbot sends an initial reply.

However, you can’t make any actual replies due to the interface. Thus, later when the chat session is closed or the system flags it as done, it sends a survey to complete as if your request is completed.

Personally, it just feels like a terrible experience and the chat system overall doesn’t feel fit for purpose in this form. Others appear to have better options, so their experience may well be different/better. :man_shrugging:


That’s nothing new though. It was first noticed back in January:

I think it’s great that they ask for feedback - make sure you submit it :slight_smile:

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I agree asking for feedback is good practice but what feedback do they expect if the in-app chat looks like the screenshot in my earlier post


I still have the Chat button. Chat was shown as closed until 7am when I opened it out of hours, but for me there’s an “It’s an emergency” option.

That seems to be yet another option for the out of hours chat screen. I’ve seen it once a while ago, but never again. I think it’s down to the chatbot ‘starting’ the chat, whereas if you end up with a blank chat that’s not open it offers you an option to start an urgent chat.

Not sure what you mean by the chatbot, but I’ve tried going via the “Contacting support” article and for that route there’s no emergency option (so it’s just closed). Whereas the Chat with us button still gives the emergency option.

Apologies, I missed that you have the ‘Chat with us’ button. I was referring to an issue for those who lack the button.

Essentially, it seems that whenever you follow a link to chat from a help article the chatbot ‘starts’ the chat with a welcome message. It appears that this then triggers the interface to think a chat is ongoing and shows as closed out of hours. This may be by design or a bug, but it’s definitely not ideal.

For those with a chat button, they can select that it’s urgent before the chatbot ‘starts’ the chat and therefore it is possible to commence an out of hours chat.

Honestly, I’m confused. Why not feed back exactly what you’re saying here?

Or have I missed the part where the notification says they only want positive feedback? :man_shrugging:


I was thinking about that actually. I’m sure there’s plenty of questions that really aren’t urgent - leaving it in the app and getting a reply the next day wouldn’t be that bad. If it’s not related to account security or fraud etc. anyway.

Does anyone remember that old chat system? I can’t remember the name of it but a lot of companies use it now. Feels like it has a .io in it’s name. That was really great anyway though I think they said it was quite expensive at the time.


It probably was fairly good for them starting out as it got them “out of the ground”, much the same as contracting out the FPS gateway, but as they got larger and larger they crashed up against limits in scaling it and, more importantly, being able to monitor and tweak it as with other parts of the infrastructure

I cannot see us going back to a system that worked well for half a million fintech fanatics when there are now five million folk feeling their way through things


I did.


Reading through this thread, it does look like things have got worse from when I have had to use Monzo’s support in the past… but let me tell you - if you think the grass is necessarily greener with any other bank, I can tell you from personal experience that yes, both RBS and Lloyds both have ‘chat’ within their apps… but having used them both, I have yet to even get a response from a human through them. Once you get past the bot and it says an agent will reply… no one ever has, even after days and days!

@chris.monzo If telephone banking is your cup of tea, I have to say that First Direct were banging and really do live up to their claims of high customer service. Their app and their website are pretty basic especially compared to Monzo, but it’s horses for courses I suppose! (I’m not saying I think Monzo’s CS as it stands is OK, there’s clearly issues with it… and it should be as good if not better than first direct! I just thought that’s worth a mention seeing as you seem to value having good personal customer service, and you’ve said your leaving Monzo :slight_smile: )


You have to be kidding. Their app is appalling. If the screen switches off, the entire app and conversation are killed, meaning you have to keep moving your finger on the screen to prevent conversations from dropping. It has to be the absolutely worst implementation of any chat system I have literally ever come across.

Weird hill to die on, but ok.



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You can say you’re racist and move along.


If you find the Black Lives Matter movement alienating, then you probably want to examine why you feel that way…

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Doesn’t seem like it.

Closing your account because of a poll that was ultimately ignored? lol