Unable to close business account

on the 30th of May I started a ‘chat with us’ conversation to close a business account (that no longer exists with Companies House). The account had my partner attached to it also.

I was told that they needed to confirm with her, they sent a message, and said she needed to activate her new card first. She said she didn’t have one, they closed the conversation. Never responded to me, just went silent.

A few days later I messaged again, they said they’d message her again. They didn’t.

A few days later, I messaged again. This time they actually got around to messaging her. Didn’t answer what she needed to do since she doesn’t have a card.

Every conversation I have takes multiple hours to get a response.

I am now in the process of closing all of my accounts, because I have never known customer service to be so awful.

I’ve largely given up being able to close the business account now, as soon as my new current account is sorted, I’ll (attempt to) close my Monzo current account and then delete the app.

It is a truly disappointing end to one of the very few companies I was excited to give business to.


Hopefully, (eg) Starling bank will be better for you :blush:

Agree. Customer service at Monzo is really low performance and feels like they don’t really know what to do or to say :expressionless:
Had a few contacts with them this & last year, dissapointing :disappointed:


Has your partner requested a new card?

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Why should it matter? Why can’t Monzo kill the account over all other processes anyway?

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It doesn’t and Monzo should be able to do it without, someone definitely can. But just as a way to speed it along.

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Why do I get the feeling that some is playing from the “received and activated card as identity verification” script, and that’s why they won’t talk to her until she activates her card?


I genuinely feel that the CSOps is awful at Monzo. They’re very slow to respond and incompetent in my experience with CS. I refuse to believe that they’re that busy that it takes hours to respond. I don’t contact CS if I don’t have to

CS have no knowledge of the things being trailed, I had an issue with the Cashback, CS had no knowledge it was even a thing

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At the point of telling them she doesn’t have a card, they either end the conversation or don’t reply

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Quite possibly a fraud measure, but can be circumvented by initiating a ID selfie check instead.

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