After Monzo closed my account

So this is a sort of continuation from a previous thread…

It’s purely as a blog and feedback for Monzo in hope that there could be some learning for me, Monzo and the community.

So briefly, I had my account abruptly and unexpectedly closed which came as a genuine shock because I strongly believe I’ve not used my account in any way which might have raised red flags.
I had a message in the app saying 'we need some information when opened the app and looked at the message it was worded a bit strange in my opinion screenshots are at the above link.
So as feedback Monzo should make the initial message where it says we need more information a bit bolder. I mean it’s a perfect time to use some of :triangular_flag_on_post::no_entry::boom::x::exclamation:or whatever is appropriate to make a point that this message is really important and needs urgent attention.
The second feedback is the page where Monzo asked to provide another bank account for funds to be sent. I don’t think it’s worded properly because it starts with ‘thanks for your interest in Monzo’ I mean, you know I am not new to Monzo and you are closing my account not rejecting my account application.

As some of you might have read in another thread that I tried to start a switch. Well, as most of you suspected it didn’t work. My other bank sent a message that Monzo has rejected the switch application and at Monzo I had a in-app message that I can’t switch.
I’ve raised an official complaint about my account closure and I have been assured that someone will come back to me in 4 days.

I’ll keep posting here. Hope people will remain civil and this thread won’t get closed. I am literally invested in Monzo so I do want them to do well. I still upset but I am hoping after a proper review they will reverse their decision. :crossed_fingers:

I’m a bit confused here. This was before they closed your account?

This will explain better than words :slightly_smiling_face:


This thread will end up locked when @AlanDoe is back online, as all account closed threads do.

What is your complaint about? That they’ve closed your account?

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Well I hope it won’t get shut. I am not asking Monzo to do anything here and I hope to just provide feedback as I go through the proper process.


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They don’t care about or want your feedback though. As harsh as that may sound.

Your complaint won’t be upheld and that’ll be the end of it as far as they are concerned.

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Thanks for coming back and confirming what many thought, you do seem to have cooled down a bit compared to the other thread.

But as @revels has said, this thread will be closed, it’s a very circular conversation the same as the previous thread, and having threads discussing account closures always result in being locked.

What happens when you click on the “We need some information” notification? The fact it came today, makes me think it’s completely unrelated to them closing your app, and is automated when it comes to switching and a switch failing or something. Maybe? I dunno.


Maybe you have said some inside information. I will just wait and if it’s not upheld I will move on to ombudsman and take it as further as I possibly can. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope our team are able to help with your complaint @SC95 and your able to get an explaination or solution if possible.

As I advised in the last Topic, the next steps were to email our team or speak to us through the other methods available - which you have.

As your fellow Community members have mentioned, this Topic wouldn’t be able to stay open but as I’ve advised I hope you’re able to receive the help you require from our dedicated Complaints team.