Closed account, I’m done

I’ve been a customer of monzo since beta. Something like 20 friends have signed up off the back of recommendations.

I recently closed my account customer service has slowly slowly got worse & worse to the point where…I’ve just had enough

It starts with not getting replies in a prompt manner via the app. Continues with not being able to speak to someone on the phone and ends with Customer Service not taking ownership and resolving more complex issues.

I can’t spend days “chatting via IM” as monzo takes 2-5 minutes to reply per message, only to call and have an automated system try and discourage me from speaking to a human in every way possible - as I assume because - running customer service is expensive.

It wasn’t like this at the start. Slowly slowly I found myself transitioning away from monzo. I stopped paying any income in & didn’t use it for DDs. Transactions that might be at risk of a dispute / company issues I had to remember to put through another card

Abroad I had to remember to bring a different travel credit card as backup. Several horrible memories trying to speak to monzo while away.

Monzo was allocated to frivolous daily transactions. However recently - interacting with customer service is enough. I’ve gone from being a critical superfan to - nope this is it

I’m glad monzo has shaken up the industry and introduced amazing features - but now I’m glad many traditional banks have simply adopted these features.

I want both, these features AND customer service where I can speak to a human and have my issue resolved within one interaction.

As I read the company is in debt and made layoffs I can’t help but wonder if cuts have been made to customer service deeply impacting my experience. Who knows - I’m out.

It still surprises me how often people contact their bank. I rarely do!

It’s all about the best bank for you. So good luck :blush:


That’s my view too. Since I last posted something similar yesterday I’ve remembered that I did need to contact Monzo CS once when my mortgage payment was delayed.

The reality is that I couldn’t tell you about CS wait times for any bank, including Monzo, because I never have to contact them. And I’m not young any more so I’m covering a few years in that statement.

As for contacting them enough to know whether things were getting faster or slower…


I am disappointed personally in Monzo for moving to chat bots. It’s absolutely awful. They’re already saving thousands / millions in renting physical branches with staff. Why can’t we have full time staff?


Don’t think I’ll ever leave Monzo for now though as I love them but I see your points Especially as I contract customer service alot myself


At least millions. Probably 10s of millions as rent/building charges, staff wages, security systems, cash delivery and pick up, atm fees, business tax per branch, thefts, etc etc I can go on & on


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Curious, @Ashton, what causes you to contact CS on a frequent basis?


Blimey, you’ve sure attracted some issues. :smirk:


Honestly like I have the worlds worst luck. People who know me find it amusing as everything always happens to me :upside_down_face:

I feel like I’m missing something here… :thinking:

Where did your post go?

Oh it’s gone.

It was mostly in the event I’ve needed over the withdrawal limit on emergencies as they have no branches.
When my Apple Pay has stopped working (only once)
When their was that issue were the plus cards came open, as sadly mine came wide open multiple time’s until the fantastic sticker got placed on it.
On the rare occasions that my payments get lost and the company hasn’t received it so I get written confirmation from the company as evidence to show Monzo so I don’t need to wait the 30 days auto return.
Once to distribute a payment.
When my pots vanished completely which scared me this was last year, but was just a glitch and don’t actually vanish.
When my token expired
Some questions I have regarding the account
And just other basic reasons

Tbf the support is normally is best I’ve seen as they’re so friendly


You’ve had quite your fair share of issues then! I’m glad Monzo helped get them sorted for you though!

Happy cake day!


Thank you

Oh honestly that’s why I said my luck is the worst. I can literally fall over my own shadow and wake up in hospital, which has actually happened :sweat_smile:

To be fair though I don’t think it’s that bad since that’s from the very first time I joined Monzo so think it’s coming up to 2 years and most of them was just within the few months of joining as I was still new.
Probably only contacted them once in 2020 which was the open cards


Who are you asking, @N26throwaway?

The only time I can recall actually speaking to my bank was, in fact, when they contacted me when I was in the States - a fraud-check thing.

Suits me fine! :smile:

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