Closed account, I’m done

I really like their chat feature, I wish more businesses had this rather than needing to call.

I’m usually at work so being on hold for 30+ minutes isn’t good at all. I’d much rather fire off a quick message, do a couple of hours worth of work and then respond a later. It all gets logged too which is especially useful if it’s a complaint.

I can see how chats get dragged out too judging by the vague topics created on here.

If your initial message is “I haven’t been paid” or “I can’t log in” then it clearly isn’t anywhere near enough information for them to be able to help so it’s expected that there are going to be lots of followup questions.


I left Monzo too recently for much the same reason, more about speed than anything else

Granted I don’t need to speak to my bank everyday/often but when I do I prefer a reasonably instant response. I have nothing against the Cops (who have always been super helpful) but I do prefer Starlings Live Chat - where it’s realtime.


I have to say this has not been my experience at all. I called customer service today, and met what might be the friendliest customer service person I have ever dealt with.

I may just be being fortunate, as I was calling because I was unable to access my account at all, two weeks after switching entirely to Monzo ha, which on rent / bills day was a little nerve wracking but the person on the phone settled my concern and wanted to escalate to make sure that something was done, even when I said I didn’t think that was necessary.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a disappointing experience, sometimes it can just be bad luck.


Wishing you luck finding the bank of your dreams! Personally good old Monzo suits me fine (with starling as a back up) . Either you can be two customers… One who has nothing but bad luck, customer service, always something going wrong, always losing cards, always need CS…Or the other…Everything goes smoothly and no problems. But this can be said for any company on the planet.

Hope your rant made you feel better? Not a fan of people going on here to say ‘I’m leaving’ … it like waving bye at the end of a zoom meeting :flushed::flushed:

I’d say there’s a third option, that you’ll hear even less from. The people whose experience falls somewhere in the middle between those two polarising extremes.

Those whose luck is better balanced between the good and bad; whose customer service interactions are occasional, unremarkable, yet sufficient and has their problem resolved in a timely manner; who only occasionally have something go wrong; those who only lose their card once or twice every couple of decades, and usually only need to replace it early because card machine stop recognising it. An unremarkable experience with the occasional hiccup that often gets resolved to a satisfactory standard.

We hear little of these experiences, not just because there’s no remarkable story to them, but also because to those other two groups, that in between experience is so far away from their’s that it won’t be accepted by their confirmation bias, and thusly is dismissed as either an apologist fanboy or a hater, depending on which of the other two extreme perspectives we’re coming from.

That’s my witching hour rant of the day. I feel better. :laughing:


And they are going to be the majority of customers - hence why I dislike the £5 fee to replace a card (unless you meet certain criteria) but that’s a different thread

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Frankly, I’m just disappointed that this is the challenger approach and the future of banking.

I never thought I’d be supporting the legacy approach in the UK, particularly our special position of mostly fee free banking. I expected the challenge to be consumer focused.


Are we not supposed to do that ? :woozy_face:


Sounds like you’ve just described about 98% of the customer base…:blush:

(for whom a card fee just doesn’t even register as a thing).

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I go for a stare down

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Hi, any organisation will experience issues as they grow. At beta stage — things were great, there was a lot less people around, and you could get through to CS straightaway.

What’s causing you to call or message them all the time? Can your query be answered via the forum?

I’m sure there’s some clever CSOps people looking to make things better — if you’re frustrated by not getting through, I would raise a complaint, and someone will help you. If you’ve experienced issues getting through — it might because if the current situation.

I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving. If you’re still around — that’s great: please don’t close it because you can’t get through to CS.

Have you tried emailing, or contacting them via — this team are usually really helpful. There’s plenty of options — failing that: write a strongly worded letter saying you’re frustrated and can’t get through.

It’s a counterbalance to the occasional person who comes to share that they’ve just opened a Monzo account, and it’s interesting feedback.


completely agree there are 3 kinds of customers and most NPS surveys reflect this (the standard, score us between 1-10)

While the middle ground are the majority, they’re also the ones who neither influence growth or decline because they just don’t talk about the service at all, they just sit there and do banking in this instance, without telling their friends about Monzo.

I do worry though, I get the distinct feeling that slowly many people are being pushed down the scale, from promoters to neutrals, and neutrals being pushed into the detractors.

This thread resonated with me because just yesterday I was saying to my wife how I’m thinking of moving away from Monzo. When she asked why, it was just a series of little niggles, the latest being the replacement card thing. But it all points to Monzo slowly changing from what they were when I signed up, the transparency, efficiency, convenience. to becoming like everyone else, which has left me with a bad feeling about the bank and losing its USP.

When we first signed up there was live chat for help, there was the roadmap, there was a trello board etc. Slowly but surely, all the stuff that felt good and unique about Monzo aren’t really there anymore


I can understand where you’re coming from. There’s a bunch of changes I’m not too fond of either, and I do miss the more transparent days as well. Whilst I personally don’t mind the latest niggle, because it feels pretty fair (though I think it could be done better and handled better), it is getting harder and harder to recommend Monzo when a bank like Starling exists.


My experience again like others posting in this thread has only been good. I call HSBC and I speak with a poor english speaking CS member and it’s like pulling my teeth out slowly. I contact Monzo and I get a prompt and friendly reply and typically my resolution is resolved.

The other day I had a double charge from Spotify - I couldn’t get hold of them (Spotify) through their app and had to tweet them. They couldn’t help me so I asked Monzo and the payment was returned within 5 minutes.

Personally the async approach works for me. I hate telephone queues and hate having to explain myself 5 times to get no outcome.


I’ve had two experiences with Starling customer service and they were both absolutely terrible. With the worst one, I was left without a card or access to the account for months despite a lot of chasing.

The only bank I’ve found to be good customer service wise is First Direct, instead of good sometimes, terrible sometimes (Monzo, Starling) or always terrible (Barclays).

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Having a good read of this. I’ve only had to contact Monzo once about a chargeback and it was all pretty smooth.

What I will say is that if you are offering an online chat feature where we can bounce replies at our leisure, don’t gate keep it with a chat bot. It’s unnecessary and annoying. If we’re not having instant exchanges, then just ask us the questions you need answering.


What number are you calling? Whenever I’ve called HSBC I always get through to someone who speaks perfect English and conversation is not an issue.

Been dealing with Barclays these last few weeks. Service is beyond terrible. I have been given incorrect info, items sent to incorrect address, etc. Incompetence is shocking.

On hold for up to an hour before you can speak to someone. Tech is clearly dated behind the scenes.

Reinforces my view of going long Monzo.


I’m not sure about Barclays tech, though it appears from a customer perspective a bolted together mess, but I agree their service is generally terrible. Remarkably, they operate in reverse to many banks in that the service gets worse as you raise the issue. Most have terrible day to day service, but no, Barclays enjoy handling serious issues and complaints badly. :man_shrugging: