Cheque payments processing

Hi does anyone know if Monzo is processing cheque payments through post into its London address as normal?

Yes - can take a week or few

If it’s a high amount I suggest sending it tracked or if you’re in a hurry deposit it in at a high street bank which takes few days to process

All the info here. They are doing it still, just slowly

You just write a “Freepost” number on the envelope. I wouldn’t send it to a London address… Details in your app

You can do both - FREEPOST MONZO (10 working days to arrive, then 4-6 working days to process), or stick a stamp on and post to Monzo’s PO box. The second option is recommended.

…so the article says. The instruction in the app (Android) give only the FREEPOST method however if you click through to the ‘high value cheques’ section it gives a ‘usual’ London address (i.e. not a PO address). On neither app page does it say ‘take a picture’. Inconstancies everywhere!

I wonder where the threshold for ‘high value cheques’ starts? I guess it’s all relative.

They are. But if the cheque is for less than £500, you can open a Starling account now and be spending the money before Monzo have even received the cheque.