Monzo: support for vulnerable customers

I was going to post this in the original thread but since that’s been closed:

Coming back to this older post, I thought Monzo were going to stop directing customers to food banks and articles such as this when dealing with vulnerable customers as they were seen as largely unhelpful and patronising.

This approach came in for a lot of criticism previously not just in these forums but also the national media and BBC Watchdog etc


It’s general advice if that person doesn’t want to take the advice and already knows about them or doesn’t want to use them then fair dos, move on lts not end of the world to be told about what other support is around

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As I say, I thought Monzo had decided to stop doing this as customers found it demeaning to be told we can’t help you or are unwilling to do so but here is a link to a food bank etc.

Customers such as the one above should have been referred to their vulnerable customer team instead.

There are also regulations about how banks sir treat vulnerable customers and quite often such messaging can make people worse if they have mental health issues

We only have his assertion this happened. Seems silly to start a whole discussion about what Monzo should or should not do based on this one possible incident.

Who would point a customer to an article anyway, surely they’d point to resources and contacts.


From previous posts, Monzo have done this sort of thing in the past but the principle remains and my understanding is that they were going to stop this sort of “help”

in fairness the OP said “they essentially said” which maybe isn’t what they actually said , maybe having due regard to your point about them not saying the sort of stuff anymore. Only the OP and Monzo know what was said yet we, as always start interpreting and being offended by what we assume was said


This exactly opening up old arguments where it’s one side a story and that’s it, it’s advice at the end of the day

The other thread was closed for exactly the one-sided reason quoted above and this one can follow it for the same reason.