Cheque Deposit and Credit Card

Hi there, two things…

  1. Will Monzo be offering a credit card at some point?

  2. Can we have digital deposit of cheques - for example on my other bank account I can simply photograph the front and back of the cheque in their app and deposit. No need to send the physical cheque anywhere. I was a bit surprised Monzo didn’t already do this given you’re much easier to deal with in terms of KYC & Pin recovery etc.

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  1. I don’t think Monzo have ever explicitly stated they are planning to introduce a credit card, although many have previously asked. The following thread includes a glimmer of hope they may be considering one - see post #7
  1. Monzo had originally planned to have mobile cheque imaging by now. But those plans got put back. I believe they are now planning to introduce in August
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In a recent open office, someone managed to get a screengrab of a ‘Monzo Credit Card’. Whether this means much is anyone’s guess, as it could just have been a graphic placeholder.

Edit: It was @hoddzdj Offer credit card 💳

In regards to cheque deposits digitally via the app, no - not for the foreseeable unfortunately.

Edit: @o99 in before I needed to start getting references!

Have they pushed the August target date further back?
I stopped following that thread.

Yes, unfortunately

No date in sight currently.

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Great thanks. TBH I wouldn’t use this feature often either.

Would be helpful if this is possible though. Because some of our friends and families still cheque users, and they do provide easy payments, like I usually leave a cheque to the local farmer who deliver weekly vegetable to us. And not long ago (about a year) I had to pay my landlord with a cheque

The cheque clearing really needs to be sorted. In April i sent a cheque in and from start to finish it took 3 weeks to clear into my account. Completely unacceptable to be honest.