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Hi all,

Does anyone know when will monzo start to accept taking photos of Cheques and cash in that money into our account?

My girlfriend only have a monzo account and the only way for now is to send this via post to Monzo…which honestly we dont trust on sending this cheque via post…what if it gets stolen?

I have Lloyds and monzo, and on Lloyds i can take a picture and voila.

Come on Monzo…hurry up with this not-so-new feature…so many banks do it and i believe that specially monzo that doesnt have a branch for us to walk in…should be one of the firsts to come up with the solutions to make it easier.


At the moment, never.

Development started but was paused a while back. This is not now something on the current roadmap and given that it needs to be proved with external agencies and thus booked months ahead of time I’m not personally expecting to see any progress here this year even assuming they decide to pick it up again at all.

You can see previous discussion and vote here: ⏰ Cheque imaging

If she’s willing to trust you, you could deposit it in your Lloyds account and transfer it to her Monzo. The best solution if you don’t want to post cheques to Monzo (or pay for tracked delivery) is to use another bank for the cheque deposit and transfer it across. If your girlfriend is receiving cheques regularly, it might be worth her opening an account with another bank that has cheque imaging, and using that account to deposit cheques.

Is there a limit this way with Lloyds? £500?

£500 is the limit for the cheque imaging scheme so thats the same regardless of bank.

If this is the case Id recommend her setting up a Starling account, you can use cheque imaging and theres no silly limits on cash and you can use the post office for depositing for free. Takes a few minutes to be verified.


I contacted LLoyds to see if that’s possible, but since the cheque is on her name, they said they wouldn’t accept because my account is only on my name.

She only received this cheque from HMRC because she payed too much taxes, and right now we dont know how to collect this money.

Guess i will need to contact HMRC to see how to deal with this.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Stay safe

Hi phildawson.

thank you for your post, it looks really helpful :smiley:

yes 500£ its the maximum on Lloyds but my girlfriend received more than that…(guess this is good problems to have)

I’ve checked on Starling bank and it says there’s a maximum amount of 500£ for this.

Do you have a starling account? did you checked if there’s no limit on cheque imaging?

Also, on the post office. If my gf goes there, will they give cash or can they deposit this money on her monzo account?

Sorry for asking even more questions, but i’ve tried to solve this before (while working 10 hours a day + gf have some limitation with the english language) and i’ve frustated on my findings.

Thank you again for all your advices.


Yeah it’s a £500 limit regardless of whatever bank you use. That’s just because the cheque imaging scheme committee decided on that amount.

As well as Monzo, I do have a Starling and also Lloyds Club account.

I actually managed to accidentally pay a cheque that had my wife’s name on it into my Lloyds using the cheque imaging in the app. I actually went on chat to point it out and they say don’t worry it’ll just be rejected automatically, but it got paid in. :man_shrugging:

So yeah if it’s over £500 then just send it tracked in the post. If it gets lost you’ll be compensated.

The address is in the help section of the app.

Nope Monzo decided to use PayPoint found in places like newsagents for depositing cash. It’s set to a max of £1000 every half year and a max of £300 each deposit, oh and it’s costs you a quid each time.

You can’t use the post office to withdraw cash either.

Starling uses the post office where you can in theory deposit £20,000 in cash every day, and at no cost.

How did the cheque get to you in the first place? Was it through the post by any chance?

A cheque made out to someone is worthless to everyone else. If it gets lost, HMRC will issue you a new one.

Either post it to Monzo or open another account which will accept it via app. Monzo isn’t going to accept cheques in-app.

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There isn’t really an or with using an app as it’s over £500. So unless she wants to create an account with a legacy and walk into the branch it’s just popping it in the post box and :crossed_fingers: (or braving the post office so the tracking label can be scanned).


Not on iOS you can’t, I checked after the latest update yesterday. If she needs to deposit a cheque now, she needs to go elsewhere.

HMRC will usually deposit refunds in a bank account, but don’t know if you can switch it once you’ve received the cheque. As you say, best to check with them. The other option is that she opens a high street bank account and deposits it in branch. Far from ideal right now, but it depends on how vital the money is for her to have living expenses over the next few weeks.

I was going to say this.

When they send you a letter stating that you’ve overpaid, if you look on the reverse it says something like:

Give them a call and see if they’ll cancel the cheque and transfer it to your account instead :slight_smile: Either way, I’d recommend that you register online to save you this hassle next time.

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I think thats changed as of 1.30.0 today, if you check now with the latest update has it appeared? :thinking:

Its a bit more long winded but if she’s on Android then yep, if she’s on iOS then possibly not today, maybe tomorrow. :smile:

The fact that her cheque is over £500 means it can’t be done via any app. :man_shrugging:

No, unfortunately not. I updated to 1.30.0 yesterday and checked, it wasn’t there. Still not there now. It’s clearly coming soon, just don’t know how soon. As you say, the value of the cheque precludes cheque imaging anyway.

Starling’s cheque imaging capability is now live on both platforms. Nice not to need a legacy bank just for the purpose of banking a cheque, eh?

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I opened an account with them yesterday simply for this functionality with my birthday coming up, as I don’t have any other accounts :grimacing:

I don’t think that this is a strong enough case to support it, as there will always be a reason someone will claim this. Off the top of my head, credit rating, cash deposits, visa / mastercard differences, backup bank and so on… someone has said similar in all those topics.