Customer Support Quality & Response Times

The great & fast COps team used to be one of the best selling points I had for Monzo when convincing people to give FinTech banks a go. Now with abysmally long queue times and problematic conversations with reps it seems to me like that was a mistake.

These growing pains within COps have been very clear since December with a decent amount of work seeming to be done to correct for it but… it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.

In my opinion, Starling has always had a better feature set, UX and account options - but has had awful customer support - so I’ve mainly used Monzo. But in my last few conversations with them, I’ve been through to a person within minutes whereas I’ve been left waiting for a good while with Monzo…

I was wondering whether there’s currently any developments or news that could stop me from hanging my hot coral up for a while?

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Orange card? :open_mouth:

There are plenty of topics on this. The recent delays are as a result of the payment issues yesterday but they’re improving and they’ve added automated replies which is helping too.

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Edited the colour :stuck_out_tongue:

But this is the thing - if the team isn’t set up to deal with the platform issues (that also keep happening at an alarming rate) then the team isn’t configured properly (which isn’t the individual reps’ fault)

If I have to ring my bank only for it to ring off - there’s an issue.
The only other time that’s happened to me was TSB when they had their melt down last April and I still managed to get through to someone within about 10 minutes in the end.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I agree with you :slight_smile:

I was just summarising because the subject has already been discussed at length here:


Ah sorry, I wasn’t arguing I was just discussing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, hadn’t seen that before… interesting read

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I didn’t take it as argumentative so no need to apologise :slight_smile: I understand that it is frustrating, I’ve been waiting on an answer for a considerable amount of time too :see_no_evil:

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They can’t be. I reported delays to the queue several days ago, before the payments issue notice went out.

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What can’t be? :confused:

If that was true, then delays would have only started yesterday. Significant delays have been a problem for at least a week now. :disappointed:

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The key word in that sentence is ‘recent’ :slight_smile:

I then agreed about the delays and linked to a topic that has been talking about them for longer :see_no_evil:

“The recent delays that have been happening for over a week are due to an event that occured yesterday”.

I can’t see how blaming an event from yesterday for delays seen over a week ago is of any relevance. It may exacerbate things, but it doesn’t explain why there’s been an issue for at least a week now…


That statement is still correct though? In your case, you have been waiting longer than when the delayed payments happened yesterday - but that is still going to affect those in the queue for support.

If say you put your request in a week ago - and you were due to be contacted yesterday - you in all likelihood got pushed further back down the line as COps were trying to deal with the fallout of the delayed payments issue.

I’m not saying that this is the only issue - but is part of the explanation of the current waiting times.


It beggers the question, why is support taking a week to reply? I know it was an example but a support query shouldn’t take a week.

In the end, there has been new complaints recently on the forums that support is taking too long to reply again or people being passed from Cops to Cops. This isn’t a new concern posted today and hopefully Monzo are looking into reducing the waiting times.


If I have to wait several days for a response, that’s simply not an acceptable wait time. Recent delays cannot be attributed to an event that’s occured after the delays have begun. Either way, there should be some sort of statement about this if it carries on past next week. Even some sort of status page showing the queue would offer transparency as to why the long waits are occurring.

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I think if it is a non-urgent response, a few days is not that long a wait time - however if it is marked as urgent then of course it should be dealt with ASAP.

It can if it just extends the delays. If there was a delay due to say, resourcing, and that was due to be resolved on the 31st but then the delayed payments issue happened - that will inevitably elongate the delay in COps response times.

I do agree that there should be some transparency in wait times and expected response times - although I thought this was already a thing?

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I’ve been waiting a week today for a resolution to a basic query. It was ‘passed to a specialist’ and I’m yet to have a reply. I don’t know why it needs to go to a specialist in the first place, as I said, it was a simple ask. In all likelihood this would’ve been resolved in one phone call or a brief message exchange with any other bank.

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Right - seems like that’s that then… the problems have been ongoing for a while and the support was my last reason to stay - see you around

It can definitely extend delay times, but why is there a delay time to begin with when services are running correctly? That’s the concerning part, because when things start to break, then an already creaky ship will fall apart.
Stating that current delays, which have been happening for over a week, are merely because of a single, recent problem is almost certainly overlooking a larger problem that the customer support is having in dealing with requests in a timely manner.

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Thanks @JustJordds !

That’s what I meant. The issue yesterday has impacted response times but it goes back further if you read the topic. I also agreed it is poor and mentioned that I’ve been waiting a while too.

Nothing more to read into and there is no need to try and pull me up on a technicality when I was agreeing! :laughing:


I don’t work at Monzo so I can’t say :man_shrugging:t2: sometimes things can get backlogged for X, Y or Z reason.

Not sure a lull in CS response times means Monzo is a “creaky ship about to fall apart”.

If anything, and if I had to guess, I would say the issues with response times is due to the increased uptake in customers since the TV Ads have dropped - Monzo will likely recruit some more COps (some are likely already in training) and response times will go back down.