Chat Response time - Great!

Hi Everyone, I thought I’d share my recent experience with you all as I must admit since joining Monzo the only thing I’ve been a bit nervous about is when I need some help. Especially as there have been a load of conversations on the forum about response times.

I’d transferred some money from premium bonds with intention of moving them to a joint savings account in relation to a house purchase, However when the funds arrived I’d forgotten about the payment limit! So started a chat thinking it would take ages to see if the limit could be increased.

I was really pleasantly surprised, I had a solution offered within 5 minutes and a quick selfie with some ID along with a bit of a chat around what I was looking to do and why and it was all sorted for me.

I know it’s taken some time recently for others to get responses back but my experience on this occasion was great, and given its only the second time I’ve needed to chat I was really pleased with the response and the speed of response too, so much so that I wanted to share it as for me this really did help me out and it was easy too.


Wait times have HUGELY improved in the recent months which is great :+1:


They’ve improved so much that Monzo have recently topped a Money Savings Expert poll on customer service :trophy:

This has been one of the reasons I haven’t gone FULL MONZO yet, if the CS stays at a acceptable level that may change :slight_smile:

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Slight bit of extrapolation there methinketh!

Time will tell! :grin: :crossed_fingers:

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My transaction query this morning was responded to within 30 seconds and resolved by the same COp :fire:


Sounds like good news then

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