Chat wait times?

Is anyone else experiencing long wait times with chat responses at the moment?

I’ve been waiting 48hrs for a response on a time-sensitive issue with the borrowing team, and it’s even been flagged as a ‘priority’ issue when I called up about an hour or two ago. The initial ‘hello’ chat was within a few minutes, but after that, crickets.

Feeling pretty worried about putting my trust in Monzo going forward; I needed to chat to Nationwide today too and they’d sorted a non time-sensitive question within 5 minutes (after ~15mins on hold).


Chat wait times fluctuate based on a lot of things. No two people are going to have the same experience.

Monzo have obviously classed it as non-urgent. But 48 hours is way too long.


Don’t get me wrong; it’s not an emergency, but there is a clock ticking which negatively impacts me and positively impacts Monzo, with a deadline with a huge impact to me in a few days.

I’m not suggesting they are drawing it out due to the negative/positive impact at all, for what it’s worth, merely giving some context to the situation.

I feel a bit lost to be honest, even the staff member on the call couldn’t help directly or tell me when they’d get back to me other than ‘tonight or tomorrow’, but the first chat staff member said within 24hrs, so I’m sure you understand I have some skepticism about ‘tonight or tomorrow’.

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If you need to talk to a specialist, it might take a while, I guess. I contacted help a few weeks ago and had a reply in a couple of hours.

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Depending on the team and when you contacted etc, they may just work normal 9-5 hours instead of the weekend etc.

So you’ll probs be waiting for tomorrow I’d imagine.

Time sensitive with the borrowing team? Declined a loan/flex etc?

Shouldn’t be 48 hours.

My experience with Monzo is that everything requires transfer to a specialist :joy:


Mine was a question that I was fairly sure I knew the answer to, and just wanted confirmation I was right.

It must be tempting for COPS to “resolve“ an issue by passing it up the chain, though.

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It’s a “I know the answer but I’m not allowed to answer, and only a specialist team can answer” kinda job/process.

Which causes inevitable delays.

I’m usually pretty relaxed about response times, and would be if this wasn’t time-sensitive.

Most of my frustration come from being told response timescales three times and none of those targets have been hit, coupled with the fact nobody can give me any info except for ‘it’s in the queue’, which is anxiety inducing because who knows when they’ll answer?!

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The poor service comes from structure.

If you have any borrowing (overdraft, loan, flex), regardless of your query, goes to financial health colleagues for 99% of stuff as they’re trained in many many areas, frontline are not.

Then (if they’ve changed things around yet) you’ve the breakdown of finhealth which is again disbanded into certain groups which can further delay being responded to based on the queue off the back off the queue.

Never made any sense of the direction they wanted to go.