Monzo tops MSE customer service poll


The second paragraph in the article states 93% viewed Monzo’s customer service as great.
The table below it shows 94% :man_shrugging:

But whatever, we need to find those 6% / 7% and have words :wink:

4M milestone passed today and top of the MSE CS poll - fantastic stuff :monzo:


Don’t ruin the narrative of this forum with actual research. Monzo’s customer service is awful.


I think it is great. I asked someone to escalate something and they gave me 15 quid. Not sustainable but hey who cares about that.

(I refused the ‘compensation’).

Can you escalate something for me?

Monzo froze my gambling habit without warning and stole my reliance on high-interest borrowing. Now I can even feed my kids. Scam!!


Monzo refused to fund my Blanket habit. Unlike Starling.

Given voters can only vote on a single bank and it’s meant to be your main bank, the sheer number of people providing votes for Monzo is impressive regardless of position in table. Suggests high usage amongst MSE readers.

More than votes provided for BoS, Halifax, RBS, and TSB.
Approaching the number of votes provided for Barclays, HSBC, and Lloyd’s.

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This is fantastic to see, and I imagine it’s the kind of thing that tips the scales for a lot of people to go #FullMonzo.

Things aren’t always perfect, and there’s always room for improvement, but there’s a lot of people working incredibly hard here, and it’s incredibly gratifying when the external data reflects that.


I’m guessing the real one to shout about will be in August this year where Monzo and Starling get included for the first time. Knock First Direct and Metro down a peg :wink:

I remember them doing this ad the first time they won

Exciting! :tada:

I also just convinced my significant other to switch his main account from First Direct to Monzo, so the part about FD being knocked off the top spot is quite satisfying. :grin:

(Welcome to the cult, @CarlMorgan.)


I would strongly disagree with your statement about Monzos customer service, I’ve been with quite a few banks and I’m sorry but Monzo tops all for customer service.


It’s fantastic for Monzo, and in context of the poll, I agree with it and believe it is deserved. It does not, however, invalidate the personal opinions of users have experienced bad customer service and choose to come here and share their thoughts.

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I think I missed the bit where @jzw95 suggested that the poll invalidates personal opinions.

In my opinion, we should all recognise that we all have our own personal experiences. And that these are valid.

But aggregating experiences (through, for example, polls or market research) does reveal something important. If this picture conflicts with my personal experience it doesn’t make that invalid, just different to the aggregate.

Both can coexist harmoniously. There’s no need, in my view, to set them up in opposition to each other.


Yes, I agree with you. I apologise if I misconstrued their comment, but the intent felt like it was there and the sarcastic tone doesn’t help.

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Please don’t forget this part of our code of conduct :blush:

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Thanks Dan. The comment I replied to is, as I understand it, sarcasm. The intent of sarcasm by definition is to ridicule a point of view, which is what I was criticising because it is disrespectful. I feel like my contribution was fair and in response to the content, not the tone. I made reference to the tone to explain my interpretation of the content. If my understanding is wrong here, then I of course apologise.

As the code of conduct says - please focus on the words themselves and not the tone. It’s very easy to misconstrue the tone online when you’re missing so many paralinguistic clues.

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Please clarify with a yes or no: is my response violating that rule?

(@N26throwaway maybe DM someone to get an answer?).

Back on topic.

This is great to see, Monzo on top of a poll. It is significant, just as it tips past 4m users. The challenge is to stay there of course!

FYI - I’ve only ever had good customer service when I’ve needed it.