Charged twice for clothing

Hi everyone, I recently 2 days ago bought an item at Nike and everything was fine they charged me the correct payment then I’ve just woke up this morning noticing that they took the payment out of my account again leaving it in overdraft? Anyone know how I go about getting this money back I have been double charged The exact same payment twice. Thanks

Go to help (the ? icon in the bottom right of the app) and scroll until you see the payment and click on it.

Hope that helps.

Scroll down to the bottom of the transaction and use the ‘Something wrong? Get help’ link.

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Worth checking if one of the duplicates is still pending. If it is, this usually reverses automatically within 7 days. I’d wait for that time frame to pass before contacting a COps.


Had similar issue. Contacted Monzo support. Confirmed same old, customer non friendly, rules apply (dictated by American corporation MasterCard)

  1. Contact merchant directly:
    (You need to wait till transaction left your account and it’s Not in “Pending” status It might revert itself back)
    a) explain situation
    b) demand refund
    c) keep ALL correspondence as proof of your action (screen shots etc.) avoid any phone calls as it’s hard to provide evidence of it

  2. Merchant has 14 days to rectify the problem

  3. In case Nike will not refund or do not reply then Monzo will start Chargeback

UNFORTUNATELY, Monzo will not act as other UK banks at this point:
They will not credit your account with temporarily credit till the dispute is resolved via chargeback process.

I need to point out that as soon as the chargeback initiated Monzo gets your money back - merchants bank debits Nike account and credits Monzo. This remain in place for 45 days. Nike might Dispute Chargeback during this period so the money goes from Monzo to Nike and Dispute might continue further.
I do not know the reason why Monzo withhold money for 45 days.

I’m going to guess, sadly, they do this to mitigate high amounts of fraud.

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Because as you say, it might go back to Nike


As you say, Nike May dispute it and the money may go back to them. It’s to avoid the money unexpectedly leaving your account again within that timeframe.

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Look at my post here about the same issue: Double charged for transactions


Exactly the same thing happened to my son on the day of Nike shipping the trainers to him, taking him overdrawn without an overdraft. Made sure first thing he did was get his account out of overdraft then got him to contact Monzo with screenshots of purchase to resolve this.

Spent £1639 with Apple online 2 weeks ago as laptop and £229 for AppleCare, only for Apple to charge me £229 again on the day of shipping and then reduce the original £1639 down by £229 a few days later (and I’ve still not received the laptop!) causing me an issue as I was ‘missing’ £229 and having to spend an hour talking to them to try and sort this out, but nothing they can do… it will sort itself out in a few days automatically they said. So whilst it did finally sort itself out I couldn’t reall ask Monzo for help as they were both valid transcations from Apple, its just they adjusted the original value down between presentation and settlement.

Nike are processing the transactions incorrectly and creating a mismatched presentment.

They’re authorising the full amount of the order, then when they ship individual items they’re issuing a second charge (but using a different auth code) without reversing the initial auth.

If you get in touch with chat then we can reverse the initial charge in most cases. You’ll just need to make sure you keep the balance in your account as they’ll continue to charge you as more items ship.


Exactly what my son had to do, but I was more concerned with him going overdrawn when he doesn’t have an agreement with yourselves, so that was the first thing to sort… and then Monzo sorted out the reversal of the original payment when given the information… Monzo handled this very well and it’s totally Nike at fault


As long as the transaction is showing as pending you won’t be charged overdraft fees.


Are there specific scenarios in which this happens? It can’t possibly be all Nike transactions as I’m sure there would be much more widespread complaints about the practice. As a single datapoint, it has never happened with transactions from their UK online store to me.

I ordered from Nike a couple of days ago and it hasn’t done it to me.

It seems to only be when they ship part of the order, rather than all in one go from what I’ve seen.


Ahh possibly so, I don’t think I have ever had an order split into multiple packages :slight_smile:

This is incorrect. My girlfriend was charged twice by H&M a week apart for the same amount and Monzo could not have been more helpful.

They credited her account there and then.

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Dan, my son only ordered one pair of shoes, so single shipment as only one item in his order… just to show it’s not a part shipment issue :thinking:

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Well there I go jinxing myself.

I placed two orders last week, both shipped on Thursday and they’ve just charged me again for both.

First order contained two items. One in the second.