Charged twice for clothing

Did this get sorted for you in the end?

Yup. Based on the posts above/other linked thread, it was that the first payments were pending and they’d taken payment again when they dispatched things.

I posted on the chat that they’d charged me again and the first ones were pending. “Your wait time is 3 hours” and then I got a notification and a reply from chat that they’d cancelled the pending ones.

Playing devils advocate here, but with a legacy bank where I may only look at statements a few times a month, this would have gone unnoticed and required no action from the user or the bank. Maybe the instant notifications are causing more work for Monzo.

They are, but I see it as a big big plus.

Nike taking an extra £100 from me meant that had I tried to buy shopping, it would have been declined. It said that I would have automatically got it back within 21 days if I didn’t do anything.

I had the same thing with Nike recently. The first one is an authorisation hold, then they do a proper transaction when they dispatch. They’re not doing it the way they’re supposed to. And if you order multiple items, they do the hold on the full amount then charge for each item individually when they ship them.

I just sent monzo a screenshot of my order confirmation with the total amount and highlighted they’d charged me the total amount plus the same again as individual amounts and they reversed the hold quickly. They will warn you Nike can still take the money, but that won’t happen.