Double Charge Chageback double refunded

So I got double charged and filed a dispute by mistake on the settled transaction and not the pending one.

Both have been refunded with one being provisional due to a dispute.

Do I need to tell chat to cancel the dispute, I don’t want to cost the shop any money now its been auto refunded.
(Will wait till the morning due to the new chat hours)
Feeling anxious about this for no reason but thats me.

I’m interested to know if it auto cancels the dispute

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My guess is, Monzo just removed the ringfencing and that when the merchant actually processes the transaction, the money will go out again.

Or if Monzo actually did a chargeback, the merchant will contest the chargeback and the money will go out again.

OP, don’t worry about this at all. By all means use the in-app chat to let COps know you made a mistake when filing the dispute, but I would think it’s likely they’d say something similar to the above.

I’ll say it again; don’t worry. This will all be resolved and blow over much sooner than you fear, I’m sure.


Waiting for chat to get back to me.

I’m guessing I just will be debited for the 2 refunds and they will cancel the chargeback or not file one if one has not been filed yet.
It was a honest mistake of mine but you can see why I filed a dispute due to the double charge.
This happens all the time most likely why do I worry.

My bad for not disputing the pending transaction and doing the settled ones. (They looked like a duplicate charge to me)

Update chat got back to me and have transferred me to a specialist

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