Cater Allen Private Bank

Trying now.

I like the look of the card but there’s no app nor Apple Pay. Apple Pay I can do without but how does one do anything without the app?

Sorry if this is up thread but I don’t fancy scrolling through to find out :joy:

EDIT: I did, and found @SebH answered this, so thanks. But how do you do anything. Is it really all online?

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You have an online messaging service which you can use to do anything you like. You can also make transfers and do other basic stuff online yourself, just like with any major bank.

If you want to speak to someone instead of using the messaging service, you can call them (freephone) during business hours.

If your card is lost or stolen and it’s an emergency, you can report that any time 24/7 on a special number.

As I said above, there is a “mobile” version of the website which allows you to make transfers and view your account (and also send/view messages) along with a few other basic things. I have used an iOS shortcut to package this into a web-clip with it’s own icon and app-style view, so it works close to an app, but with no support for Face ID login is manual which is pretty basic.

Long ago, there did used to be branch access for cash and cheques at RBS branches, but that ended at some point and you can’t use Santander branches for that now. However, the ATM limit is £2,005 per day (so probably enough for any situation) and cheques can be posted in with postage-paid pre-prepared envelopes that they will give you. Unusually, there is also no agreement with the Post Office.

I don’t ever contact support at any bank, personally, unless something has gone wrong. So I don’t mind the seemingly problematic lack of access too much.

Yes, it’s all online (and phone)!


Honestly, no Apple Pay would be more of a deal breaker than no app for me.

A bank doesn’t need an app IMO. A good accessible and usable web experience is perfectly sufficient.


I agree with you!

No Apple Pay is a shame, but you can/could use Curve, of course.

I also forgot to say that they additionally allow you to put requests into writing (posting a letter) if you want to go really old-school.



Interesting but I’m not sure now that I could do without one, having of course living for many years where that wasn’t even an option.

I do like the card though….

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My “not-actually-an-app”, app works just as well as the apps for limited banks such as Triodos or Co-op!

Other than no Face ID, but Co-op didn’t have that until about 5 years ago.


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This an iOS shortcut?

If so fancy sharing it lol?

It will be this (with the carter allen weblink of course)

Ah yeah trues

Did not know they offer a full/true USD current account out of the UK - hard to come by these days after Citigold pulled out of the UK.

I am tempted to try it, but based on previous experience – mass affluent semi-private bank operations are generally incapable of handling KYC for HNW/UHNW clients (either compliance maze or borderline criminal AML hazards).


It’s the following shortcut with the URL below & the image below used as the icon.

Shortcut URL


Yes, probably.

They do seem to have a different team on it to Santander though, so perhaps they can manage better than some?

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I am skeptical - I once was told by someone leading a large bank’s PWM division their medium upfront onboarding cost is 5 digits.

Core banking makes very little money so I don’t think Cater Allen have nearly the same budget. Even small wealth manager (who actually makes AUM based fees) struggles.

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Account just opened :slight_smile: at 11:39 this morning!

Welcome pack should arrive within a few days



Thanks for letting us know.

I have just completed the application.

Looking forward to seeing what happens now.

Awfully tempted to put an application in but I’ve had a number of hard checks recently…

As have I, but it didn’t seem to matter to them

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Took them a week to set it up, then a few more days to get the pack/cards

And just to double check, income isn’t going to be something that crops up through the application process?