Cater Allen Private Bank


I was looking at Cater Allen Accounts and it seems that they have removed the Minimum Income and Minimum Balance from the account.

I have looked in all of the documents available across the entire website and I dont see anything about it anymore?

So can anyone just open a account with them now?

The only eligibility is that you need to be 18 years old.

I’ve given it a go but :joy: I’m doubtful

Well let us know how it goes! Presumably it goes off to manual review every time?

It did say everything will be manually reviewed so, the wait begins

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Just sent mine for the fun

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I suppose nothing bad could happen from just applying but my anxiety is telling me to wait and see how this plays out.

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I’m gonna give it a go and just see how it turns out.

As looking at all of the PDFs and Documents they offer on the site, I don’t see anything about Minimum Income and Minimum Balance.

So I mean its worth a shot!

Didn’t see anything about fees either

Only Fee Information I could find is this one.

Yeah saw the same which is good that’s their is no maintaining fee

Excuse my ignorance:

What would be the benefit of having an account with these over a regular high street/app based bank (ala NatWest, Barclays, Monzo, Chase, etc.)?

I already have all of them xD

Done! Waiting Game Begins!

Bragging rights? :joy:

You’ll get an email now about identification

Filling it in now!



Now the wait game, they gonna be well sus why a small wave just occurred

You’d be displeased that their debit card is Visa, not Mastercard!

They used to be able to introduce you to Amex cards, if you wanted a credit card, although I’m not sure if they still offer that. Their debit card used to be “deferred debit”, where it acted a bit like a charge card (all charges bundled and charged to your account at the end of the month) but that feature was removed a while ago.

Nowadays, they are similar to high level Santander (Santander Select and Santander Private Banking) just without an app.

Their USP is specialist banking for trusts, executor’s accounts, etc and also they are the only part of Santander that offers currency accounts (in Euros and US Dollars). I believe there is no branch access at Santander, as Cater Allen is largely run separately but does share some group back-office functions.

There is a freephone telephone line to call them, and the ability to send and receive secure messages through internet banking.

You can have a chequebook, paying-in book and debit card (if you want); currency accounts only offer a debit card and don’t support cheques.

The account shows on your credit report as a standard Santander account.

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