Work and banking

I start work at a multinational bank in a week. Need an account to be paid into, Monzo won’t let me re open, starling have their 12 month limit.

I can’t open Chase or Revolut until I’m 18.

Santander = shit app & CS in branch but maybe a worthwhile trade off to have it opened online?

Barclays = want me to travel 3 hours by train for an appt

HSBC = slow at opening & probably won’t get to me in time. maybe I could go into branch…

Co Op = don’t allow you to see pending debit card transactions in app or online

NatWest = archaic systems & kept blocking me for sending fivers to my father.

Somewhat stuffed.

How long until you’re 18?

Take the least worst option until then and then move on.


What about First Direct or Wise/Kroo?

Kroo were okay when I was with them


Perhaps I suck it up and use Santander but would I get my card in time (this week) to get the train next week?

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All no good until November. Same with Algbra etc. oh how I wish Monzo would relent. Ain’t going to happen though.

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Is TSB any good?

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Just open an account where you can and switch when you turn 18?

Who has the quickest turnaround time though?

It depends on your circumstances and luck with the bank. I had accounts opened instantly and other referred for ID checks. I don’t know a lot about accounts for minors, but surely there is a branch of a bank where you are to go in and open an account.

Edit. Why not wait to start work and open an account with the bank you’ll be working for? Assuming it’s a retail bank/they have a retail bank division, course. They should be able to handle that in-house.


I have one with them but it’s a student account, worried that they’d either scour my transactions, or tell me to close it as I finished my course. You can’t really get away with it I’m thinking if you work for them.

They all require appointments in branch. And yes I’ve had mixed luck too. Really regretting switching so much tho I did get £375 in bonuses.

Does your employer not offer to open an account for your employment?

I know Santander and HSBC used to offer this


Thanks for not naming them Tom and nope.

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It might just have to be I close my student account and travel the ridiculous way from Leeds to Middlesbrough at Barclays whim on Wednesday.

Since I have a savings account with them I might try go into the Leeds branch and plead

Starling teen bank account? Once you’re accepted, you can add the debit card to Apple/Google Pay straight away (or at least you can with the regular adult account).


Switched it out for a bonus. Can’t until October.

There’s a barclays branch in Leeds though, 69 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AA

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Just call the bank and ask to change your account type if that’s your concern. Or apply for a new one with the current provider. It shouldn’t matter you finished studying, they will change the type - either automatically when they realize or manually.

My TSB student account didn’t change for 3 years after graduating… they couldn’t care less.

There are many solutions here but talk to your current bank. If your concern is not being able to get paid make sure you’re able to get paid. The bonuses T&Cs usually mention you must be over 18 anyways…


They will only open an account with an appointment and apparently my closest branch with one is Middlesbrough.

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How sure are you they won’t care? Worried.

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Not true, There;s one off the headrow, but maybe they don’t do appointments there. I wish you the best of luck anyway, goiing to Middlesborugh is ridiculous

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