Tandem Bank chat

Got my invite to Tandem. Anyone use them? I’m looking for some opinions before I decide if it is worth trying.

I think I’ve moved up two places in the last day. :confused:


If anyone is interested you can sign up here with my referral or here without my referral link.

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Nope but I do like this!


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Just signed up. I was surprised that all it does at the moment is link with your bank. So I linked my Santander account which I don’t use due to Monzo and it kept asking me for security questions that I haven’t picked. I ended up using a space as an answer which worked. This completed the setup and got me into the main screen showing an incorrect bank balance. The app has very little functionality at the moment would not recommend.

Thanks, @jasonyau. I won’t hold my breath.

Aren’t :monzo: going to be doing this with the marketplace?

I think its great! however I’ve checked today the queue has gone down however I’ve been moved down as well by 500 places :frowning:

Update: i don’t think the queue has gone down I’ve just been moved further down the queue for some reason :+1:

On a separate note - thanks for being transparent about your referral links :+1:

Yes they are :stuck_out_tongue:

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IIRC, it was discussed recently. It makes sense to be transparent rather than people find out and think your trying to benefit at their expense. In relation to tandem, I’m not even convinced that referral link helps me much :roll_eyes::wink:


To be fair I haven’t had experience of the switching services and so on yet. It looks like a really good feature. Its just the app offers next to nothing other than that. In principle the whole spending amount where it takes bills away from balance is pretty cool but it ignores stuff like food shopping. On the whole it doesn’t work as well as simply having a budget that considers everything you spend money on.

I’ve been stuck at 11 for weeks now :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s good, but you need to log in everyday for the app to update your account/s. It doesn’t always update properly either, I opened a help to buy ISA and took 1200 loan with nationwide… Hasn’t added either of those nor that I’ve paid off my credit card.

I signed up to Cleo and that is much better than Tandem, the updates for Tandem are nothing special neither is the app.

This is what we’ve all been waiting for, apparently.

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Check the T&C when using tandem - it links to your exiting accounts but by doing that you are more then likely breaking the Terms and Conditions of your bank accounts. This could affect any fraud claims on your account.

Not sure that is something I really want to do.

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The 0.5% cashback on overseas transactions is rather tempting. Something which is quite rare.

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To be fair a lot of accounts allow the use of aggregators now, especially if, as Tandem do, they store your login information on your own phone and it is never transmitted to the aggregator itself. As you said, check your bank’s Ts&Cs.

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Just tried logging in to the app and adding a credit card (they don’t support either of my bank accounts yet).

Had a holding screen for about 2 minutes and then came back and said the account couldn’t be added. Which is odd given that I checked the login details through the web moments before and knew they were correct.

Plus, is it just me or does the bright blue background colour feel a bit amateur? Feels more like an A-Level IT project rather than a cutting edge fintech startup.

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I have a NatWest account connected, and Lloyd’s, I used to have my main account ‘RBS’ connected but it wouldn’t refresh and I can’t add it again ATM :roll_eyes: but when it does work the app works really well! Good way to track funds,
I kinda like that it has that project look, bit like its been fun

Oh go away Tandem.

Unfinished app, crap marketing, fraud risk? Or all three?