The Current Account Switch Service 🔀

Happy Friday, everyone! :wave:

We’ve just finished our testing with the Current Account Switch Service :tada:

If you’re one of the first 100 businesses with an account, just head to the Account tab, and you’ll now see the ability to switch :blush:

When we start to roll out more accounts (keep an eye out for more news on this soon :wink: ), this’ll be available straight away!


I signed up to Coconut this morning :joy:

Interesting, been looking at Coconut too!

I’m with Cater Allen and a day rate contractor so swithering if its worth the hassle…

DM me if you want a referal link :wink:

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Cater Allen don’t support current account switching. I just tried to switch from them to Monzo and got a message that they don’t support the service :frowning_face:

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Good to know.

I also looked at Coconut but unfortunately it didn’t work for me as they have not integration with FreeAgent who I use for all my finances and is linked to my accountant, so for me was a non starter

I’m curious about how/if the current account switch service works for customers paying invoices? Is it a bit like Royal Mail forwarding, so money sent to the previous account number and sort code magically finds its way to the new account for a period of time, or does it basically just move direct debits, and everything else is up to us to communicate to customers?

In particular, as a day rate contractor, my client has a long-winded process for the account that they pay invoices to, so if I can avoid having to go through that process again, it would be great.

Yes that’s correct. When a payment is routed for an old account closed via CASS then it’s rerouted to the new account and the originator is informed of the new details


As an addendum to this, I noticed that CASS appears to require a bank card (or at least the last five digits). Will it be possible to switch if you don’t have a card with a business account. I don’t and there may be others in similar situations.

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Hey @twigusa!

So you don’t actually need to have a card - you can switch without :blush:

Sorry we haven’t made this clear in the app, we’re going to be updating this soon so it’s a little clearer.

Any problems, drop me a message on Monzo Chat and we can take a closer look together :+1:

Hi. Thanks. I wasn’t sure but unfortunately it’s a moot point as my old bank - Cater Allen - don’t support the service. Appreciate the reply though and good to hear a card isn’t necessary.