CASS Concern

I’m really needing some help and can’t seem to get anywhere with the in app chat.

I’ve recently had a salary increase at work and given I’m ineligible for a loan I thought it might be due to my salary information being out of date. I contacted the chat team to advise them of this and it was passed to the lending team.

Now, here is where the worry begins.
The advisor on the lending team then told me I would be ineligible for a loan because my account is switching out of Monzo. I for one haven’t requested this nor have I received any notification this was in progress so I am really hoping it’s just a glitch somewhere and there is no CASS actually happening.
The agent I spoke to then said he was passing it to the dedicated team who would be in touch ; this was at 8:40am this morning and as of now (2:40pm) there is still no response. I have also tried phoning however still no luck - cannot get through!

My salary goes into Monzo as does all my DD’s (#FullMonzo) so you can understand how worried I am at the moment.

Hey :wave:

This sounds really worrying :disappointed_relieved: I’m sorry it’s proving so difficult to get a response.

Do you have your user ID (user_xyz123) to hand? If you DM it to me I will check on what is happening for you.


Good response to a worrying situation.

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Completely agree and credit where credit is due too :slight_smile:
Will keep you all updated on the outcome!

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I’ve escalated this for @Ryan1992 and someone will reach out :+1:

Apologies again :disappointed:

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Panic over and issue resolved :slightly_smiling_face:
Seems like the advisor I spoke to had looked at a previous partial switch from last year.
The account is absolutely fine… phew :)!!


Phew, indeed. :slightly_smiling_face: