Category splitting feature

Hi, I got my Monzo card today and tried it out. I was disappointed that I couldn’t split the Expense into multiple different categories, so i sketched out a possible solution. Open for feedback.

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That makes perfect sense. I really like it.

I think this is definitely on the lines of what we have been asking for all along

This is a popular request & that’s a great mock up, Hugo’s last comment on why this functionality isn’t available (yet) explains why, unfortunately, this is actually more complicated than it looks

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This is awesome @Mygo89 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot for helping us! I hope we’ll be revisiting the category model in a few months time so we may try y to solve this problem at the same time :slight_smile:

Anyone remember Microsoft Money? It was a computer programme (remember when it used to spelled like that?). I think it was packaged with Windows ME back in the early 2000s.

Anyway, one its features was that it would assign your spending to categories, just like Monzo does, but you would need to tell it that a merchant belonged to a category for the first time it appeared, but it would learn the appropriate category after that.

One of the other actions it would allow you to do would be to split the category, so if you bought £40 of petrol and £30 of groceries in one transaction, you could assign the different amounts to their respective categories.

If it was possible and useful in 2002, then it should be possible in 2017. No?

This appears to have come up before. I ran on Microsoft Money for years so this is a feature that I’ve always used for money management to this day.

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