Split Transactions

I know this isn’t something that is currently possible but I would LOVE it so much if it was possible to split a single transaction over one or more categories.

Example scenario;

I go the to the petrol station and decide to fill up with gas, I am a bit peckish due to the long drive to the holiday cottage and want a snack, I go inside and get some other bits and put it all on my Monzo card, £30 Petrol £10 in Snacks (rounded figures for effect)

I now have one transaction appear in Monzo for £40 from Generic Petrol station that is categorized transport.

What would be ideal;

Given the above it would be good if you could click the transaction a fly out menu appears where you can choose the categories as you do now with an additional option called split would be available.

What happens when I click split;

A window would appear giving you the ability to select the first category under the selected category name would be a plus button when clicked it would allow you to select another category once you were done selecting the categories you could enter the amount that should be appropriated to each category and hit save or done or back or whatever the designated trigger event would be for completing that screen and the £40 would be appropriated across the selected categories.

But this is more budgeting, it above a banking app;

This may be much more granular budgeting than Monzo should arguably offer but giving the option to budget at all and then categorize individual transactions should have the ability to split transactions.

You can work around this by putting the items through separate;

I could of course pay for my petrol and then pay for my food as a separate transaction but in the heat of the moment I was talking to someone I was with my items were scanned and I swiped my card and the transaction was done, before I knew it I had one single transaction which I could only assign to a single transaction making my budget inaccurate.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


:frowning: Thank you!

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