Company expenses

This is a deliberate design constraint which Hugo’s explained here -

it is a compromise but I’d much rather gain the insights (i.e. your peers who purchase their groceries at Sainsburys rather than Tescos spend x% less per month on average), rather than having more specific categories, as the existing categories are detailed enough for me at the moment.
While we’re on the subject, categories are going to be reviewed in a few months, when I assume more will be added.

As I mentioned, I don’t know whether it’s better to keep the new category or revert to the original, only Monzo does.

I’d suggest we carry on that conversation here, to avoid repeating part of a conversation that may have already happened -

my question would be, once you have those views, how can you turn that insight into actions? If you can think of some examples, you have a much more compelling use case (I hope that doesn’t sound patronizing, I’m trying to help you build the use case here).

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