Splitting Cash Withdrawals into Several Categories 2

Hey :monzo:,

I find the new targets feature really cool.

I’d suggest adding the ability to split cash transactions into several categories. For example, if I withdraw 40 GBP of cash, I would like to say that 20 GBP were for Groceries and 20 GBP were for Entertainment.

This is because Cash withdrawals usually serve several purposes. It will also be useful in areas which mostly accept only cash.



Hey :monzo: - I’d like to second this. A way to split a transaction across multiple categories would be helpful. For instance, if I do a large shop at a large supermarket, it may well contain groceries, media, electronics etc.

(What’d be super awesome is if you could partner up with big retailers to get the purchase data, so that I don’t even have to split the transaction myself!) :smiley:

There are quite a few challenges when splitting transactions by multiple categories in general but the reasons listed here by Hugo, don’t appear to apply to cash


so perhaps an exception could be made when categories are reviewed in a few month’s time.

@toychicken there’s been a lot of discussion about splitting other categories here