Adding cash expenses

Hi Caroline, welcome to the community :wave:

Are you an Android user by any chance? If not, there is a Targets feature which you can use to set a budget for each category, each month for you to use to track your spending more carefully & yes, it has helped me keep track of my spending in a way that I’ve never been able to before :grin: -

If you are an Android user, this feature’s on it’s way - you can track what’s being developed & get a rough idea of when it’ll be ready, in the roadmap.

I’ve shared my thoughts on why you wouldn’t want to assign your expenses to the existing categories here but subcategories are a popular request in the community & perhaps they would solve your problem - if you’re trying to break down the Expenses category to a greater level of detail? Here’s my thoughts on how they might work -

We don’t know whether Monzo is considering developing subcategories yet though…

Breaking cash withdrawals down into multiple categories is a slightly tricky one & I’ve put together a summary of the discussion on that idea here -

Lastly, enabling custom categories definitely isn’t likely to happen in the foreseeable future, for the reasons that Hugo’s explained here -

but the categories are being reviewed (& I expect new categories will be added), any minute now.