Custom Categories - 8

(Atlanta Cobb) #1

I’ve just started using this app! Really enjoying it, couple of ideas though!

I’d love the option to add your own spend type to the app to add more specific beak down of what you spend every month. I’m not a fan of the rounded up total transactions (again I like details)!

I’d also enjoy more detail as and infographics like a monthly pie chart of the spend type breakdowns, or a bar chart on one page.

And also, if there was more detailed info such as “you’ve spent £35.72 on coffee at ‘Starbucks, Oxford Street London’ this month” That stuff would be really useful and super handy!!



(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #2

I don’t think it’s quite what you’re after… But when you click on ‘Amazon’ or ‘Starbucks’ it’ll give you a few useful things :slight_smile:

Transactions, average spend & total spend :slight_smile:

But +1! Would be badass to see super nice breakdowns per place


(Alex Sherwood) #3

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

This isn’t going to be an option for the foreseeable future I’m afraid, for these reasons -

having said that, the categories will be reviewed in a couple of months so if there’s any in particular that you need, now’s the time to mention them!

I use emoji as tags / sub categories so that I can count & (if I only ever buy items from one category in a particular store) total up the value of certain transactions -

Pie charts are great in theory but awkward for these reasons, I find the Targets bars a really useful way to visualise spend, along with the Pulse Graph (make sure that you buy something with your :mondo: card today so that you unlock it sooner), see that link for more…

As Marcus mentioned, you can see this summary if you tap on a transaction, this blog explains the feature in more detail -

If you’re an Android user then I’ve just listed a few features that aren’t available yet :speak_no_evil: but they’re coming soon (Monzo is aiming for feature parity between iOS & Android), you can see what’s being built next on the roadmap.

Enjoy! :birthday: