Custom Categories - 8

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

This isn’t going to be an option for the foreseeable future I’m afraid, for these reasons -

having said that, the categories will be reviewed in a couple of months so if there’s any in particular that you need, now’s the time to mention them!

I use emoji as tags / sub categories so that I can count & (if I only ever buy items from one category in a particular store) total up the value of certain transactions -

Pie charts are great in theory but awkward for these reasons, I find the Targets bars a really useful way to visualise spend, along with the Pulse Graph (make sure that you buy something with your :mondo: card today so that you unlock it sooner), see that link for more…

As Marcus mentioned, you can see this summary if you tap on a transaction, this blog explains the feature in more detail -

If you’re an Android user then I’ve just listed a few features that aren’t available yet :speak_no_evil: but they’re coming soon (Monzo is aiming for feature parity between iOS & Android), you can see what’s being built next on the roadmap.

Enjoy! :birthday: