Can't withdraw from Post Office counter


Tried to take money out from a post office counter and it said the card needed to be swiped, but nothing happened when we tried to do that, seems the post office doesnt accept it (worked in the atm outside the post office though)

Cash withdrawal - Post Office (fail)

It is not a bank that has paid Post Office to have an agency banking arrangement. Those banks who they will let you withdraw money from over their counter are detailed on their website


Oh right, i thought this would be the case, just thought post office would work like an atm, good to know though thanks



Cheers! Good for everyone to know about

(Chris Rimell) #6

Do post office transactions work on the monzo card though (ie sending post)?


Yes you can still pay for transactions in a Post Office with Monzo cards, just not withdraw money over the counter

(Emily) #8

I couldn’t pay for a transaction on my monzo card at a post office yesterday? Any ideas why please?


The card is a prepaid card not a debit card, maybe that is why? You certainly can not withdraw cash at a Post Office as Monzo do not pay for this service. Metro recently paid for just business customers to have access but not personal customers due to the extortionate fees the Post Office wanted to charge the bank.