Card not working at ATM machines

Another problem, my Monzo card has decided to stop working at ATM machines. Some machines won’t even detect that I’m trying to insert the card, it’s blocked before it even enters. I’ve tried multiple machines. I have no restrictions in the app settings, and trying to find support in the app is next to useless. Has anyone had a similar issue/problem?

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Type contact us in help


Do the automated teller machine machines you’re using have the MasterCard logo on them?

There are a few ATMs, including Link ones that Monzo does not support. It’s all pretty well documented if you search the forum.

I’m not too sure, however used the same machines when I was with Starling (also Mastercard), and never had this issue.

I’m pretty sure I’ve actually used these machines since being with Monzo. Can’t seem to understand why the machine won’t even open up to let the card in, it’s not damaged or deformed in anyway.

I mean if the ATM won’t physically allow you to insert your card then that’s surely an issue with the machine.

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It happened on 3 different machines, maybe a huge coincidence :sweat_smile:

So just to clarify, the issue isn’t that your card is going in but then being ejected, its that you can’t even put the card in at all?

Also are you a Premium member with the metal card by any chance?

Correct, and just a standard member

Yeah that does sound like more of an issue with the ATM if you’ve not even presented your card - there’s no deformity in your card, no bends/splits etc?

Only suggestion I can make is if you use Monzo as your main bank you can order one of your two yearly free replacements and see if that makes a difference incase it is a card defect.

But if the card works in other ATMs then I wouldn’t even bother as its not a guaranteed fix, it’ll be more hassle to change your card details on everything just so you could possibly use the ATMs in question.