Card not working at ATM do I have to freeze card?

My Monzo plus card is not work at ATM so can’t withdraw cash. Contactless is working fine but ATM not reading my card. Is there a way of ordering a new card without having to freeze my card so I can continue to use contactless while it arrives?

If you contact support they can order you a new card while keeping your current one active.

Are you in the UK or are you abroad? If you’re abroad, you might be in a country where you have to enable Magstripe at ATMs.

I’ve had a look at the help article in the app, and either I’m doing something wrong or the steps it lists to enable the Magstripe no longer apply.

Your best best is to start an in-app chat with Monzo support, who should be able to either turn on the Magstripe for you, or order you a replacement card (whichever is the most appropriate for your circumstance).

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Have you tried a different ATM machine incase that one is faulty but the issuer hasn’t noticed the issue so couldn’t disable it.