Card not accepted by The National Lottery

Hi Guys,

Not sure if anyone else has faced this issue couldn’t find anything using the search.

Attempted to set up my mondo card to be the funding source to buy a lottery ticket last night and the card wouldn’t be accepted. This is before an attempt to fund the account, just the part where you register the card with the account.

Not sure what the issue is and cant provide much more detail that that, just thought I would let you know in case you want to look into it. :slight_smile:



Sorry about that Chris :frowning: The National Lottery is on our known list of retailers that don’t accept Mondo cards yet: Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞 perhaps because it’s a prepaid card at the moment. Hopefully that’ll a) either be fixed over time or b) be fixed when we become a bank and have full debit cards :slight_smile:

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Hey @tristan,

Thats my bad i missed that when looking to see if this issue had been brought up.

Thanks for the reply though Ill make sure to check that page next time before i raise an issue. :slight_smile:



Ah yes I just fell into this trap too – and hadn’t checked the list. I expect many such issues will go away once you become a full bank :slight_smile:

I have had the same issue, currently on the pre-paid card and the National Lottery site just doesn’t seem to accept it :no_entry_sign:

Would be interesting to hear if anyone lucky enough to have the Current Account has managed to successfully set their Monzo Card up as the funding source? :grinning:


@mdnn85 Nope, still doesn’t work. I tried with first gen debit card and it didn’t work:

Second gen card - who knows. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will get sorted soon, I prefer purchasing my tickets on line as then I don’t need to remember to check them :grimacing:

Not sure if anyone else has noticed but the National Lottery website now accepts Monzo Debit Card!! YAY


Yes works fine for me, just like any other debit card!

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Just searched this issue as my Monzo has been declined as a debit card payment for the National Lottery :roll_eyes:, I’ll chat with them tomorrow during business hours …. pfft

I’ve used my Monzo card just fine with the national lottery

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You don’t have gambling block on do you?

Did you get an error message in your monzo feed?

You’ve found a topic that’s over 5 years old and is when Monzo wasn’t even a bank.

I’m another one (as above) that have no issues with the lottery.

Double check your card details in particular the sort code which is easily messed up :slight_smile:

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Does it say declined in the monzo feed or did the site just error out after the 3d secure bit. If it just glitched at that point, then get them to do a SMS confirmation instead.

Only weeks ago I connected my virtual :monzo: debit card to my National Lottery account and notice NO problems in topping up the NL account :bananadance:

Same time, noticed that my NL account balance does not have to be £nil if I want to change debit card, as it was before :partying_face:

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Monzo just declined my attempted payment to the National Lottery saying Gambling Transactions are blocked.

Then it’s declined because you’ve instructed them to do so.

Go into your settings and remove the gambling block.

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