Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞

My girlfriends card just got declined in Superdrug (chip and pin).

Good news – 3/Three (the mobile network) now works with your Mondo Card! :tada:


My mondo card didn’t work at the Thameslink ticket machine at London Blackfriars station last night. Said something along the lines of “card type not recognised”.

I just signed up and spotted a few minor bus during the sign up flow:

  • it wasn’t clear when signing up whether you wanted my home address (which turned out to be the case since it was for an identity check) or the address I’d like the card delivered to.
  • I went to change my address once at the “check my identity” page, and on the address input page had multiple issues:
    • despite changing the post code in the box, the lookup was performed against the initial post code. This made it impossible to select my address
    • in the manual address input form, the Address field did not auto capitalize each word
    • in the manual address input form, the post code field did not correctly stay in all caps mode
  • After verifying my identity, it was not possible to select which address to post the card to. I’m looking forward to finding out which one was picked. :slight_smile:

Other than that, it handled the intermittent connectivity of the tube relatively well, with clear error messages. Excited to actually start using it soon!

Only two declines so far.

  • ASDA Fuel (Pay at the pump)

  • Stansted Express (From the mobile terminal on the platform)

Sage Pay seems to be working with Mondo cards now, was declined for me some months ago, but used it the other day without any issue (for pizza delivery).

I still hate Sage Pay for having such an awful payment screen anyway.


I would also like to add a bit of feedback on the signup process.

I live in a small village in Warwickshire and the address check omitted my village from the address, e.g. Address was shown as “House Name, Road Name, Post Town” when it should really be “House Name, Road Name, Village, Postal Town”.

I seem to have passed the identity check but I am somewhat concerned whether the actual card will be delivered to me correctly! Mondo are far from the only company that omits the village but given the potential fallout of the card being mis-delivered, I would suggest that adding the 2nd line of the address would be wise.

I had the same thing, but my card got to me. For added fun, there is no road name, so the card was sent to House Name, Post Town, Post Code.

i have used my card at JustEat so i dont see that a issue

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Just to let you guys (and other cardholders) know that I’ve just had a decline at Sainsbury’s Pay at the Pump, it allowed me to enter my PIN then failed after that.

Edit - just a thought with this one, could this perhaps be because pay at the pump authorise a small amount (1p or £1) initially and allow you to then take fuel up to a certain amount (£99 usually I think) and due to me having less than £99 on the Mondo card at the time of the transaction that it declined?

Whereas perhaps if I had went into the kiosk to pay then the actual amount of the transaction would have been requested (circa £35) and thus have been successful?

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Card didn’t work with Digital Ocean. They said they only accept credit cards.

Card was declined by William Hill for an online deposit. Not surprising in itself, but the reason they gave was that “your card is issued by a US bank, we can only accept domestic accounts”.

Just had an error when trying to use my card to buy train tickets on the Grand Central website. I’ve alerted them, but thought you guys should know too.

Just a small bug but the first letter is missing from town names when using ATMs in the USA.

Franklin -> Ranklin
Hiawassee -> Iawassee

Does the Sage Pay bug affect Sage Pay terminals, or just online?

Hi. I actually used the card with a Sage Pay terminal this morning - worked fine with contactless.

Interesting! Anyone else used Sage Pay online and it worked? If so, I’ll scrub it :slight_smile:

Weird one today. Paying in Eat on contactless didn’t work, but it did with chip and pin.

I can confirm Mondo cards work fine with Sage Pay online/ecommerce transactions, I work for them :slight_smile:


I just found out that Mondo card doesn’t work in Playstation store