National Lottery help!

Hi, did anyone else get informed by National Lottery that Monzo have had a systems error and made double payments? I’m wondering why they would say this if it isnt true as I’m being told by Monzo. Dont know who to believe but payment that wasnt due did leave my acct. I dont know enough about how banking works but Monzo say it wouldn’t be possible for them to make payment in error. Anyone?

This sounds very much like a scam. How did you get this message?

Can you explain where the message came from and perhaps share a screenshot too please?

I think it is unlikely that the lottery would tell you that Monzo have made an error and they’ve been paid twice and not the other way round?

Be mindful that Monzo will primarily contact you securely in app for any account issues, so if it wasn’t done in app and unauthorised money has left your account, I’d strongly suggest freezing your card and contacting Monzo in app for them to investigate.

There doesn’t seem to be any news coverage of this what so ever. Such a large organisation taking twice as much money from everyone would certainly make headlines.

Monzo don’t make payments from your account.

This sounds like a scam.

I got the info in the NL chat section after contacting them about a payment taken that wasnt due. I was kicked out before I could screen shot the message. I’ll raise the issue again tomorrow to see if I get the same reply. They said multiple Monzo accts were affected so I’m not sure how many that would be. It just seems strange that NL would say this if it’s not true.

Go to scheduled payments, is there a double entry for a direct debit? What’s the history?

My usual monthly Camelot Direct Debit was collected on 11th Jun from my :monzo: account. No errors nor double payments were noticed :relieved:

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I payed by card on the 11th then the payment duplicated this morning. It’s just annoying because all I can get from Monzo is, this cant possibly be our error so raise it as an issue and we’ll get back to you within 14 days. I’m sure it will help if I can get NL to reply in the same way tomorrow. I’ll post what they say.

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If you tap on the transactions and scroll to the very bottom, the text in grey on grey, do either of them say pending?

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Did they not offer to refund you then? :confused:

If they took too much money, then they need to give it back. For Monzo to do this forcefully it can take several months.

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YES!!! The earlier one does. Does this mean today’s payment wasn’t a duplicate, just taken late? I wish I’d known to check for this earlier, I feel stupid now.
I wonder then why NL chat would say Monzo was at fault. I guess I’ll have to ask tomorrow. Thank you for helping.

Usually, this is how a payment works…

You say to NL, “I want to pay £10”, they check with Monzo that you have it, Monzo says yes and puts that money to the side and then NL come along to finalise the transaction and say “Please can we have that £10 that was already agreed” and the transaction completes.

At a guess, I would say the first bit has happened, Monzo has put that money to the side expecting them to come and get it and instead of completing that transaction, they’ve started (and completed) a completely new one.

With some banks, you see a difference in actual and available balance but Monzo shows you the second this happens which might be way they are saying it’s happening to a lot of Monzo customers because they can see it easier. The first one hasn’t actually gone, it’s not available.

The first one should “drop off” automatically where the authorisation expires and the money comes back to you in 7 days.

Don’t worry you didn’t check it, not everyone is a banking nerd and knows the inner workings!