National lottery issues

(Michael Moore) #1

Anyone having issue with National lottery using Monzo this week? I’m getting:-

Your authentication could not be completed because of a system error. If this happens consistently, please contact your CSR


Yes, I keep putting money on the national lottery using my Monzo card and I STILL HAVE NOT WON!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

yeah I think its a bug Stephen :slight_smile: ( not winning )


I’ve reported it to Monzo, hope they can release a fix soon.


As to your issue Wibble, have you tried a different card to see if the issue is Monzo or National Lottery?


Iansilversides, are you actually related to the CEO?


I’ve had the same issue doing an payment with monzo all day, with a completely different site though. revolut (also mastercard) gave the same error, worked with a card from my “standard” bank which was a VISA. There are some people sharing the same error message on twitter too. So I don’t think it’s a monzo specific issue.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #8

Tom is my nephew

(Simon B) #9

It’s a Mastercard error! All Mastercards are affected… I just had to dig out my old Santander VISA to make a food order myself.


Ooh, exciting! So you’re the one to tap up for info? …


Maybe Monzo can add “become global payment system” to the Trello?

(Michael Moore) #13

Yeah Barclays works ok. I had same issue with npower today and advised it is due to 3D secure in that instances. However error looks exactly the same

(Michael Moore) #14

Ah okay thanks for info simonb!


Embarrassingly today I had a card failure paying for a doughnut at sainsbury’s, card would not get accepted. I proper huffed and for a brief (very brief) moment I almost thought ill of Monzo.

Then I remembered I froze my card to stop me spending my beer money for this weekend…

(Michael Moore) #16

Ha ha. Brilliant (done same before)


Getting the same error when trying to pay for Just Eat… had to use Santander :frowning_face: