Using Monzo in Ladbrokes Shop

Tried using the card but kept coming up with invalid card. Had to use a different card. Anyone else had problems with Ladbrokes Shop

Do you have the Gambling Block switched on?

Or under 18?

Hello; nope I don’t have gambling block on and I’m over 18. They said they don’t accept Monzo and said it was a credit card which obviously isn’t

They said that they don’t accept it rather than actually trying to put the card through?

FYI Monzo is a Mastercard Debit card. Different to a Mastercard Credit Card.

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I put my card in the machine and just kept saying Card Invalid.

Have you recently used your card successfully elsewhere for Chip-and-PIN? Just wondering if perhaps the chip in your card is damaged.

Edit: Although them saying that about Monzo is crazy.

I haven’t. It’s the new Monzo Blue card. Will have to try another place for chip and pin.

It won’t help right now but email who can get in touch with them and hopefully resolve future transactions

Do the new Monzo Plus cards have a different BIN (first 6 digits) to the regular Monzo cards? Can’t remember if I read that or if it was just the virtual cards, or what? If so, could be just a case of them not updating their list of BIN ranges?

Have you used the card in an ATM to activate it? Stupid question but since you mentioned it’s a new card, I thought I’d ask.

I don’t think you need to activate a Monzo card. It’s available for use as soon as it’s enabled in the app, no?


I think they might have, don’t they have to have different BINs for them to show up differently in Apple Pay, etc?

Have you activated it in app?

Sounds like a stupid question, I know, but I’m struggling to think of anything else constructive.

Hello, yep I’ve activated it on the app and have done various online purchases.

Same BIN

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