Card design!

The colour of the card is unique and pretty, but the design of the card is very traditional. As a new paradigm of the bank and card, I think the card also needs some new design. Ex) vertical design, no numbers on front, just in the back, minimalistic font, costum colour…

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To add some context, you can view the design of the new debit card (it’s not that different) at the bottom of this Wiki.

I’m happy with that design tbh but I’d be curious to hear which ideas everyone else comes up with…as long as it’s not just changing the card’s colour :wink:

I do like what Square’s done with their cash cards which are completely blank on the front, apart from the Visa logo & a drawn design that the user submits…

Square Cash Card|346.5x250


It would be nice to see some limited edition cards at some point maybe? Or ones that reflect your loyalty (ie length of time with Monzo)? I think that could be the basis for some really interesting and revolutionary design!

(Edit: for clarity, I know about cards for investors but I was thinking more, when you get to 5 years with Monzo, you can get a special, limited edition card to celebrate that)


I’ve seen Barclaycard allow you to upload your own photos to print onto a card, and in addition to themes you can choose from - this might be interesting for monzo as there’s potential to still keep the branding very visible, whilst allowing for some kind of customisability.

I’m sure a big part of monzo’s viral effect is due to the distinct look of the cards though, they often ponder the question “what bank/card is that?” from others, so I’m sure this is something they’d like to continue for some time yet.

But giving some power to the people, like with the general ethos of banking & monzo, to customise in such a way that feels meaningful to each individual. Something like being given a pen that lets you draw on your card and add more vibrant colours of your own design; could be fun!

I like that the future design throws away unnecessary things, like the numbers etc on the card, too.


The current issue is that all the cards are mass made in bulk (even the current prototype debit cards) and I’d imagine that the cost of having personalised ones vs bulk is a fairly hefty increase. Having said that, I believe the idea is to print some kind of identifier on your card (name maybe?) for “production” debit, in which case I can’t see why it would be so hard to have fairly customisable cards.

Having said that, it’s not really a priority! (Although I really do like the idea of a limited edition “card of the year” or something - it really helps engage people especially if you run a competition or whatever to let people submit designs! And I guess you could even charge a nominal fee to cover the extra cost of custom printing cards…)


I’m not really fussed about the design, but I have got used to my ‘Beta’ status :slight_smile:

I don’t want anything personalised or custom, but I’m a bit fed up of all my cards from any given bank looking the same. It would be nice to be able to differentiate accounts from a quick glance.

Having the option of photo customisable cards should be rolled out. For those that aren’t bothered they can stick with the generic option (or choice of options).

Saying they, I love what square have done and think a shameful ripoff of theirs would be excellent. It covers brand recognition (not that a customer cares), fun creativitey and those that aren’t bothered infinitely better than the simple “dynorod burn” design.

Let the service sell the product and let us do what we want (lots/nothing) with the plastic part.

I agree, please keep the colour it stands out ! Or if you have to change then only use vivid colours

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What have Square done?!

It was mentioned a few posts up :


Have you seen the new Starling card design! Maybe Monzo should take a look and re-think the Joint Account card design before they print them!

We have :eyes: . There is a bit of discussion going on here about it in the Starling thread: Starling Feedback