New Card Design Request

Would it be possible for Monzo to redesign their debit cards? The card design as it stands seems a little plain at the moment. What do others think about this?

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Some updates in this thread:

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There’s been a lot of discussion about this. General consensus amongst staff is that the branding is set to remain for the time being; with maybe a few tweaks.

I was just thinking about this - wouldn’t it be good if Monzo used the 4 colours in the logo for different purposes?

  • Hot Coral for Sole Acct
  • Peachy for Joint
  • Greeny colour for Investor
  • Blueish colour for the future Business Accounts

That way all colours would be kind of within Monzo branding…

Just my two penny’s worth


Nice idea, but I’d go for:

  • Greeny colour for Joint.
  • Peachy for Monzo credit card.

yea, I mean what colours do what doesn’t really matter - but the idea of each colour in the logo being used makes the logo look more like 4 cards leaning against each other making the M :wink:

Can’t I just get a normal card that doesn’t say “investor” or differentiate it in any way? :thinking: :joy:

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To be fair, I just couldn’t think what the 4th card might be :thinking:

Oh, that wasn’t aimed at you at all; more the apparent need to show off that one invested.

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Any news if monzo are going be doing new cards

i think customers if there gonna be new colours customers should be able to decide what colour they want

Is there the potential for a metal debit card? Even at a fee.

I have one for another account I hold elsewhere and I quite like it.

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I quite like the current design! The only change I’d want would be putting “debit” back on the front of the card, like it was in the preview


In terms of a new design, maybe make it vertical?


Remove the card numbers from the card or simply just print them on the back.
Make a minimalistic card please.


It’s not about apple. Having your card number is a security risk. Back in the days shops needed it , but there no reason to have them on display anymore. It could be safely stored in your app for online purchases.


@Ancallimon ancallimon I have move your post to this thread to keep things tidy

I totally agree and maybe even a metal card for a fee - I know a lot of Monzo customers would buy into this! Maybe it’s in the teams current roadmap! :grinning:

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I vote no

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The only time I actually use the physical card is for online purchases where I need to type in the details. Copying and pasting them from inside the Monzo would be awful because the format wouldn’t always work with the website or app where you are entering them

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As long as any new card design has a clear and very obvious way to differentiate between Personal and Joint cards, then fine. Ideally by colour.

Metal. No. Not for me.