New Card Design Request


Would it be possible for Monzo to redesign their debit cards? The card design as it stands seems a little plain at the moment. What do others think about this?

Monzo Cards

Some updates in this thread:


There’s been a lot of discussion about this. General consensus amongst staff is that the branding is set to remain for the time being; with maybe a few tweaks.

(Kieren) #4

I was just thinking about this - wouldn’t it be good if Monzo used the 4 colours in the logo for different purposes?

  • Hot Coral for Sole Acct
  • Peachy for Joint
  • Greeny colour for Investor
  • Blueish colour for the future Business Accounts

That way all colours would be kind of within Monzo branding…

Just my two penny’s worth


Nice idea, but I’d go for:

  • Greeny colour for Joint.
  • Peachy for Monzo credit card.

(Kieren) #6

yea, I mean what colours do what doesn’t really matter - but the idea of each colour in the logo being used makes the logo look more like 4 cards leaning against each other making the M :wink:


Can’t I just get a normal card that doesn’t say “investor” or differentiate it in any way? :thinking: :joy:

(Kieren) #8

To be fair, I just couldn’t think what the 4th card might be :thinking:


Oh, that wasn’t aimed at you at all; more the apparent need to show off that one invested.

(Gavin) #10

Any news if monzo are going be doing new cards

(Gavin) #11

i think customers if there gonna be new colours customers should be able to decide what colour they want

(David) #12

Is there the potential for a metal debit card? Even at a fee.

I have one for another account I hold elsewhere and I quite like it.