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Not sure if anyone’s seen this:

Feedback on their latest marketing?


Okay that is really trendy, I like the filming though I was a little confused about the message. Thought it wasn’t immediately obvious what it was about but I like the models used.

I’m confused, why would it be a secret? Have they got an exclusive press release lined up? It takes awhile to write an article and speak to a representative for a good balanced article so I don’t think they need to worry!

Just seen this ad at my local cinema…

Interesting update from Starling, seems like goals will now share “Space” with loans? Not sure I get it, but perhaps when they release this officially it’ll make sense.


Some very blunt criticism of Monzo on the Starling forum. I’m disappointed that the possibility of a charge for payments is being mooted as practically a foregone conclusion, when there has been no indication that it will (I admit there has been discussion here about charging for top-ups, but this being touted as a “logical progression” for some reason). I refuse to link social accounts simply to have the chance to respond, but hopefully one of you has an account there and can jump in?


How did you get Apple Pay cash!

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Hopefully be out in the uk with iOS 12 if the rumours are right!


Don’t really feel like responding tbh, I know Monzo gets called a cult so much so if I said anything on there I would be just called a kool-aid drinker. Some are implying Monzo lies about costs for publicity and mutes other fintech companies in news in other threads too so it’s best not to engage, it’ll only lead to a massive debate there that goes in circles and not leave anyone happy! :disappointed_relieved: They’re perfectly entitled to discuss the benefits/ disadvantages of both offerings, for people who genuinely do want to find out more I’m sure they’ll check previous blog posts and updates from staff instead of hearsay :+1:t3:

Edit: replied :see_no_evil: with Tom’s response. Hopefully it goes back on track with overdraft discussion after clarification


IMO, the lies/mi-truths spoken about Monzo – and what happens on the Monzo forum – are generally not countered (by people who should know better), and unfortunately this means that onlookers get a very one-sided account of how things lie. It is this that I’m against. I have no objection to a cogent argument using actual facts and figures, but this negative commentary does nothing for anyone.

I appreciate anyone’s contribution on there to counter the mis-truths, but obviously at your own risk etc… (thank you Eve for yours!)


I’m not entirely sure. It just randomly appeared some time ago. It doesn’t work though…


You linked to the US App Store? :face_with_monocle:

Not that I’m aware of. I haven’t tried switching stores before either. It’s very odd.

I would like it to go again. I don’t like having something there that doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

It would irritate me as well.
Just look at it like your are the chosen one granted special extra cards? :see_no_evil:


Does a similar thing not happen the opposite direction too?

Lies being spoken about Starling? Probably. Lies not countered? Unlikely.


Did you not counter it on the starling forum?

No, I’m not on the Starling forum, other than as a passive observer.

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