Vertical Card Discussion (All Banks) 💳

(Tom) #391

Mine’s white!


If by “done differently” you mean “never been done before”, then it is by definition both modern and forward-thinking. Of course, that doesn’t make it nice to look at.

(Tom) #393

I quite like the vertical design, but wish the teal wasn’t quite so sparkly looking.

(Micky) #394

Not sure how you can have a forward-thinking debit card? It is modern though but then so is every other debit card on the market, objectively speaking


Similar with the new Curve card. It looks good, and I expect its a recent change to the Mastercard standards that allow it to happen.


Discussed in threads below;

(Jack) #398

Hey @Apscott9 ,

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve merged your thread with an existing one on the same topic.
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(Peter Shillito) #399

One of the interesting things about Starling is that in Apple Wallet, the card is landscape (as all the cards are) while the physical card is portrait. I’m assuming any others are the same as they have a forced landscape orientation on payment cards…

(Daniel Wearne) #400

Just an FYI, I ended up writing a long form article on our entire process with the debit card and welcome pack design:

(Harry) #401

Hey @wernah, it’s been posted here: Aussie bank welcome pack


Not a bank card but the coop card is vertical and looks surprisingly sharp.

(Jack) #404

Very interesting read! Thanks :slight_smile:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #405

Co–op card is nice and tactile.


Yep, I was really surprised by how nice it felt and looked when I got it.

(NM) #407

I’m confused… what’s the advantage of a vertical card over a horizontal one?

(Nick) #408
  • Makes marginally more sense for common interactions like inserting, tapping
  • Looks cool


What’s the advantage of a horizontal card over a vertical one?

(NM) #410

That’s a good point, although my argument would be most wallet’s are designed for horizontal cards. I don’t know why cards were/are horizontal to begin with


Perhaps I’m biased; my wallet holds cards in portrait.

(NM) #412

I’m realising it’s a circular discussion :joy::rofl:. I wonder if the original horizontal choice was due to it being laid out like a cheque(my guess)