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A nice idea that allow users to customize the look and the color of the card.
Simply , they can upload an image , get approved by Monzo team and then the card will be sent with a customs image printed on the card. That will give a nice impression and eye catchy for a lot of people and also it’s a good way of marking Monzo and spread the word about it

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When others see a uniq looking card, they will start asking about it and we as users will do the marketing and spreading the word about the benifits of using Monzo bank !

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I’d recommend reading a couple of posts such as this one to discover why this is unlikely to happen in the near-term at least.

In short, these custom designs require very different methods of card production and are significantly more expensive than making many identical cards. It’s also worth noting that right now in the prepaid program, cards are produced in large bulk and mailed out to customers as required, this shortens the time to send out a card by already having them produced ahead of time.

The general thoughts seem to be that the benefits of being able to get a card to a customer the very next day outweigh the benefit and demand for this level of customisation.

I think the Hot Coral card colour has done the job of unique card branding, I’ve certainly had many people in shops note the bright colour.

One thing that doesn’t seem to be so strongly opposed is the idea of possibly offering a small number of different card colours. I know Hugo (Head of Design!) has mentioned this a couple of times.

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Whilst this isn’t a super important request as a whole, I really like the bright pink-ish red look, but have Monzo considered letting people customise the card?

It lets people add a bit more personality to their card and whilst it’s not important, I just think it’s a nice feature that ‘traditional’ banks offer.


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I guess if people really wanted to let their creative sides go free - a pack of sharpies :writing_hand: would be all that’s required :sunglasses:

Card customisation is great however as mentioned above, cost is sometimes prohibitive and not customer friendly when you need a replacement card in a hurry! I’m all for it at some stage in the future (would be a bonus if there were less restrictions than Barclays if possible) :grin:


I am new to Monzo and the reason I have one began with my question, “What’s that red card you just pulled out?” My relative then sold it to me, so ‘word of mouth’ is your best, trusted salesperson. The red shouts out.

If Monzo were going to add elements of customisation, one for me would be to be able to vary the payment limit per transaction. If there was an attempt to exceed my limit, the transaction is declined and my Monzo card is frozen, until I unfreeze it in the normal way. I might wish to change the limit, depending where I am and what I am doing from day to day.

Set Payment Limits Per Transaction
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Is it possible to customize the Monzo card?

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I’ve moved your post here, to keep all of the discussion about this idea in one place, I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

I’m afraid it’s not possible for users to customise the card at the moment.


yes, with a sharpie. Have a go and upload your finished design here :joy:

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Sorted. :joy:

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Ah, one of the newer investors I see - the older ones all had Mondo cards :slight_smile:

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Indeed, I’m from the second round of crowdfunding :slight_smile:

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Well at least you managed to get in, unlike me :frowning: 96 seconds - what’s that all about?

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Ah sorry, I meant the third round! I was picked in the ballots :sweat_smile:

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