Card Themes/Styles

Hello everybody!

It’s my first time using this forum, I’ve just topped up and have ordered my Monzo card and it should arrive in a few days. Whilst I’m waiting, I just had an idea that I think would be very cool.

My idea is that before users get sent their cards, they should have the option to pick from a range of about 4-5 colours, with 3 different designs. I understand that the aesthetics of a bank card is not a number one priority to a lot of people… but I think it would be an extremely nice touch.

One negative though… I guess it could make manufacturing more difficult as it would take longer to assign each user the card with the specific colours/design they have chosen.

If this idea isn’t feasable, then I would maybe suggest adding a default design/pattern to the Monzo cards. From what I’ve seen so far, they look completely plain and orange/pinkish in colour - not visually appealing.

Thanks for reading!

You’d be surprised the colour is very popular. I kinda like it.

It’s hot coral btw :roll_eyes::smirk:


Does it have a pattern or is it just a plain colour?

It’s a solid colour. But it glows in the dark :heart_eyes:… Slightly

I just received my card in the mail, wow that was incredibly fast. Anyway, It’s safe to say I do love the colour, it’s very nice!

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