Card Delivery Time

I can see plenty of threads relating to prepaid card delivery time but none about the CA card.

My ID was verified on Tuesday evening. Does anybody know how long it might take for my card to arrive?

Yes — slightly longer than expected, sorry! We found a bug about half an hour ago that means cards weren’t posted this week. We’re fixing this now but it means your card will take slightly longer :frowning: They should be posted tomorrow and then be with you Saturday/Monday. Sorry (that’s why we call it a Preview!) :grimacing:


Good to know - cheers Tristan! :smiley:

It would be nice if the app showed some sort of progress on the card delivery, rather than just saying it’s on the way. Even if the delivery can’t be tracked, just a progress bar with something like: preparing->card printed->shipped->arrived. Would just make the first experience for new users a bit nicer.


Thanks for the update Tristan. Also appreciated the in-app message I received earlier today from one of your colleagues :+1:t3: .

Just a little bit longer to wait :sunglasses:


I am sure others must have got this.


Yeah, I have just seen that by going back into the App. :slight_smile:

I think generally speaking it’ll be the same as the prepaid card. 2-3 days on average :slight_smile:


I did see the message earlier regarding a delay, not a problem as we all know it’s a preview.

I didn’t get a notification of the message though, I only stumbled upon it by chance when I opened the wrong Monzo app. Are support messages normally sent with a push notification on the bank app?

I did get push notification via bank app.

Totally agree :slight_smile:

I got the same message in the CA app about the bug. Its fine, my partners PP card came in 2 days.

What I found interesting is that when I got all my ID verified for the CA, I got a notification come through on my PP app to say my ID had been verified. Im not sure why it came to the other app

Yes, same here. This is encouraging to know there is already some integration between two apps and a complete switch in future will be simple.

Ah ok then, it might have just been my phone! It also could have been pure coincidence that I clicked the app at the same time the message was sent! :grinning:

Dropped through my letterbox literally moments ago!


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Got this about half an hour ago but can’t activate :confused:

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Mine arrived today and I had absolutely no issues activating it. Used it 10 minutes after activation with a contactless transaction that just sailed through! :sunglasses:


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What did you order for £7 :open_mouth:

A big tasty meal, I was a bit shocked it cost £7.09 too!

Got my invite Monday and signed up Tuesday morning. How long does card delivery generally take?