Confused!?!? Where is my new card?


i downloaded Monzo app on my phone on Sunday (with the view to get a new card by this Friday so i can take to Amsterdam with me) and had a notification on my phone that i would be sent a new card - however there has been no sign of card and no corresponsdence…can somebody please advise what i should do please?

Many thanks

Contact or use in app chat. Cards usually arrive within a few days.

There should be just enough time if you’re not leaving too early on Friday.

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Why are you confused?

Sunday would not be counted, the order would more that likely get picked up Monday then sent that day, Tuesday supplier might make it, Weds it gets sent out then Royal Mail will do the rest.


My partner opened an account on Monday night and the card just arrived this minute so hopefully yours will be today as well

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Hey Chris! If you completed signup on Sunday, your card would have been dispatched on Monday so you should expect it to arrive either today or tomorrow :grinning: Feel free to DM if you’d like me to specifically look into your account to confirm :grinning:


How would have have gone Monday if the order was done Sunday, do you produce the cards on site now or are they done same day by the supplier, I only ask given a few people I know have had a slightly longer then 'normal; wait for their cards.

I think their supplier prints and posts them in the same day.

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I applied on a monday morning, got my card tuesday.

As suggested, contact Monzo directly :slight_smile:

Same day, if the order is made before the cut off time.

I requested a card on Friday evening and it arrived yesterday. I was actually rather impressed.

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What is the cut off time?

I believe it’s 3pm.

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