MasterCard SecureCode / 3D Secure


What problems will we as customers face when a retailer will only accept cards that are enrolled in MasterCard SecureCode or Verified By Visa?

I have experience 3 different attempts by banks to do their own thing and as a consumer I have much more confidence in a card when I can use SecureCode as I know it is going to work


(Alex Sherwood) #14

My interpretation is that Monzo will be using MasterCard SecureCode, as 3D Secure is an umbrella term which covers this scheme -



This. The password storage problem has been solved for years now, this other scheme is simply stupid.


(Leon) #16

How does Mondo deal with this? Does sites with it work or are the payments automatically declined?


(Simon Turp) #17

This is the 3D secure system.

Payments should go through for now, but the team are currently building a system for this as they advised me at the preview event. Something pretty cool is in the works for that.


(Alex Sherwood) #18

I’ve moved your post here, as all of the details about Monzo’s support (or current lack of) & plans for 3DS are in this thread. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

TL;DR - as far as I know, the current accounts don’t yet work with 3DS but they will & here’s a taster of how the flow will work.

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(Leon) #19

Thanks a lot. That’s no problem.

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(Heather) #20

I really can’t wait for 3D secure, so many sites I cannot use my Monzo card on because Monzo prepaid card doesn’t support it. Only reason I keep looking at other cards similar to Monzo as I really need this feature



This is one thing that Starling seem to be on the fence about and one thing I would find very useful.


(Tom ) #22

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s coming :soon:



Do you have any update on this @tomsr

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Can anyone from Monzo update on this it’s really getting annoying and I have to move money back and forth from my Santander CA. @simonb Can you please give us a timeline for this. I did not get a satisfactory answer from chat eaither.


(Rika) #26

At this stage, we genuinely have no timeline for supporting 3D Secure, though it is something we are certainly working towards.

3DS is made up of quite a number of individual components, each governed by large amounts of paperwork, documentation, and certification. We have to take the time to get this right. :slightly_smiling_face:


3DSecure Fails on Coinbase
(Simon B) #27

Hi Ali, I recently posted this in another thread! You may have missed it.

SecureCode is being worked on at the moment. We are working on an implementation of SecureCode 1.0 and the next year we will move to the upcoming SecureCode 2.0 which will enable us to provide a better in-app flow.

Not having SecureCode is a major blocker towards our cards working everywhere so I can assure you that it’s a priority, but our main priority right now is to get everyone onto a CA first. SecureCode implementation won’t happen before we get most, if not all, customers on a CA - that’s why the existing CA right now is an Alpha Preview and not the final product! :blush:


3DSecure Fails on Coinbase
Card declined at Next (online)
(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #28

This is probably really bad… But on a site I used, back in July, (with the prepaid card) I couldn’t get through the checkout with 3D secure, I got 3 active card checks on my feed (each time I pressed pay) and it wouldn’t let me continue.

On the 4th attempt the payment went through :smiley: seems pretty off! But I thought I’d share it here :slight_smile:



Just curious, which merchants do you actually have problems with ? I have yet to stumble upon a site who rejects my :monzo: because if the lack of 3D Secure (which I enjoy - 3DS is a usability disaster).


(Chris Lavender) #30

Working for a legacy bank (who shall remain nameless), I’ve dealt with many an issue from customers regarding 3D secure / MasterCard securecode / Verified by Visa.

Firstly asking for random characters: this is a security measure to prevent people giving away the entire password to a fraudulent website, or if some malicious key logging software has been downloaded. The weakest part of any security measure is its user.

Secondly, it’s not just checking the password. There’s also check being made on the postcode of the billing address, the MAC and IP address of the device you’re using. This benefits customers by being an invisible security layer, that you barely notice if you’re using a “trusted device”.

I’m all for 3D secure and hope it is integrated sooner, rather than later, as I begin to use my card more and more online. Ever increasing my exposure to some bad actors or middlemen who will use my card info fraudulently.



I used to work for a payment gateway and understand the development work involved to integrate the 3DSecure API into the transaction flow.

I am using the CA Alpha for my day to day use, but not having 3DS enabled on the issued card is the only thing stopping me from fully migrating over all my usage without using other banks / cards.

To be fair most sites I do not have a problem transacting. But obviously when paying at a merchant such as Coinbase (that requires 3DS enrolled as mandatory on the issued card). As mentioned by another user who uses coinbase, it currently fails.

Looking forward for when the 3DSecure implementation is complete, but so far loving the CA account and the general Monzo experience / vibe. Keep up the good work.


(Paul Buckley) #32


I’ve searched for older posts and can see historical info that when the current account was launched it would accommodate 3DSecure. I’ve just had tried to put a transaction through Coinbase and this failed due to the lack of 3DSecure.

Is this feature coming soon ?

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(Heather) #33

I thought this was coming with the launch of the CA too. :persevere:

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