Customising Cards

I used to enjoy choosing what type of card I had (colour, picture) and I feel that this would benefit Monzo as not many company’s offer this anymore.
Please look into this

Hi @Bellbo45 & welcome :wave:

Monzo has always had the iconic ‘Hot Coral’ card and briefly ventured into other colours when a paid-account was launched last year.

There is another launch for paid accounts to happen soon and there may be a few more colours available. But customisation via a supplied image/picture hasn’t been a thing (so far) and with the rise of contactless payments, cards are being used less and less - meaning manufacturing costs may prohibit custom cards - unless the price is right of course!

I’m still hoping for a minimalist, metal card…

This has been suggested before so be sure to vote for it in the below topic (it’s not very popular)

Or you can use a 3rd party service such as

I dislike the Barclays custom card I have, I like my custom design but the cards don’t seem to be as sturdy and are made from a shiny layered material not as robust as the default more matte cards.

I’d change it back but I’ve no idea how and don’t really see the point in calling for such a small request.

It looks like you’ll be able to choose the colour of your virtual card