Creating customisable cards

I know this might not be possible due to cost etc, but Barclays obviously offer customisable debit cards like picking a photo or something to put on the card…

Any chance of this?

I can’t imagine it would be in the near future. The hot coral card has been a pretty great marketing tool, too. And as you say it would be a cost issue to right now.


Maybe not even personalised cards but maybe just the choice of design?

I know the “hot coral” card is Monzo’s brand but other than the actual card I don’t see it used on the application (other than a picture of the card), the website or these forums.


I would be awesome if Monzo could introduce custom cards like barlcays do ( have your own image on the card )

has this been suggested before ?


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It’s been suggested a couple of times. It’s not in the works atm but who knows in the future

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It’s an idea that I like and hopefully one we will see in the future.

Good idea! I love the coral but can imagine some people may prefer other more muted colours. That may be a start. :grinning:

I’ve merged these two threads since they’re so close in topic and time.