Personalised cards

(Ross) #1

Do mondo have any aspirations to allow users to have personalised cards in the future? By this I mean being able to choose your card design and upload your own photograph to be placed on the card?

(Joshua Turner) #2

This is purely the reason why I have an account with Barclays because it makes my wallet look much more lively than grey coloured plastic. I love the idea of uploading a photo, makes a card much more me.

(Caleb Wong) #3

I still can’t decide what to put on my Barclays one :stuck_out_tongue: would be great to see Mondo apply this feature. But I guess the coral pink is what makes Mondo stand out right now!

(Terry) #4

I would like to have a choice of colours. I’ve always loved matt black cards, they look executive. Maybe on signup allow the user to pick from a few different mondo designers or upload an image and allow the user to use their own image?

(Rika Raybould) #5

Problem I’ve found with custom cards is that they’re far less durable, take forever to arrive and almost every image I’ve submitted has been rejected with little to no reason. I imagine it’s possibly expensive to do too.

Probably just bitter that I’ve never gotten my images approved though.

(Jack Harrison-Sherlock) #6

I’d like to see the 4 different colours of the Mondo Logo available as cards?

(Ruben Arakelyan) #8

Incidentally, I spoke with someone at Capital One a few months ago and asked them about this. They used to offer personalised cards but stopped because they cost too much and apparently aren’t as popular as some think. So based on that, they might just not be economical.

(Spencer Luxford) #9

A black card, as previously mentioned would be great! Looks classy and a bit executive. Personally, I’m not a fan of the coral pink colour! :slight_smile:

(Caleb Wong) #10

I don’t think Mondo suits to put a black colour on at the moment. It isn’t a lux branding yet, and even if doing this in the future, I would prefer it to be a limited run for some special users (maybe all signing up before a date? Or rewarding us community members) rather than opening to all. :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be cool to have a bank card like a mirror so when a cashier looks at it they see themself :slight_smile:


I don’t know if they still do it but the Superdrug loyalty card had a mirrored front.


I really like the bright Coral colour as it’s something different. Another vote for a matt black card as well though.

(Mark) #14

Hi there,

I thought why doesn’t monzo get some licensing deals from popular shows and allow different designs for your debit cards? You could offer a your own picture on a card too!

Also would be great having it on a kids prepaid card so they can learn about money and it can be topped up by parents! A little like this on the US!

I’ve searched the forum and found a previous topic on this subject but it was way over a year ago and I didn’t want to bump it!

(Alex Sherwood) #15

Thanks for trying to keep our community tidy there. But there’s no need to worry about bumping old topics so I’ve moved your post here :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mark) #16

Okie dokie thank you :slight_smile:


This is the best idea so far. :+1: