Custom Card Designs

(Arron) #1

So I just went #fullmonzo myself this week … and as much as I like the hot coral, I can’t help but think it’d be a great marketing move, (alongside generally being awesome), if we could order custom printed cards?

Maybe run a competition open it to the entire community, then narrow it down to a certain number of approved designs and offer them to both new and existing customers?

I drew up a few quick concepts using my own designs — of course, these are just mine.


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Vertical Card Discussion (All Banks) 💳
Card with custom designs
Monzo Bank Card
(Simon B) #2

These are awesome! Great designs! :grinning:

We don’t have any plans for custom designs at the moment, but never say never :grinning:

(Jonathon) #3

Ahhh love these. Bright colours :slight_smile:


Those are very cool :+1::+1::+1::+1:

(Eve) #5

I love these designs :heart_eyes:

(Jack) #6

Very nice!
I’d like to see some card designs using the colours from the Monzo logo in the style of hot coral

(Stephen Spencer) #7

These are great - are they procedurally generated to some extent?

If Monzo were to ever move away from Hot Coral, I quite like the idea of everyone getting a different design on their card but all on a similar searing-coloured theme!


Excellent effort in creating these concept cards for Monzo. Personally, they are a little too in-your-face for my taste but you seem to have a lot of fans!

(Mark) #9

Forget custom cards I doubt that will ever happen! Custom pot graphics even seem a million miles away at the minute!

Like your work though. Something like these for pot graphics would be cool. Way better than what’s available currently.

(Caspar) #10

I flipping love these. I’m almost tempted to sign up for an account somewhere that does let you customize a card just so I can upload one of these, even if I’d never use it.

(Tim Chambers) #11

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Love. :raised_hands:t3:

(Jonathon) #12

I love the idea of a randomly generated colour splash. So everyone is unique in a tiny way.


Like Atom bank customers can generate their own personalised bank logo by rotating the colours, we could shuffle around the Monzo logo colours :frowning:

(Jeremy) #14

Back in the day Lloyds TSB used to allow you to print a picture on your bank card… for a fee… may be one way you could fund the iteration! i.e. for £10 you get your own picture on your card… it’d be exceptionally popular and also a way to rake a bit of money into monzo!?

(Jonathon) #15

Barclays do it for free.

To be honest I would pay for an awesome and unique design.

(James Isaacs) #16

Love the idea bit in a world where we’re movi g closer and closer to a mobile only payments system is it worth pouring money into? Is it possible to look at custom e-cards on Apple Pay and android pay maybe?

(Ben Talbot) #17

That’d be good. Talking about different e-wallet cards, annoyingly I have the secondary design for my Tesco Bank CC - the blue and red one, but it shows up as the default strawberry one in my AP wallet. I hope Monzo could do something with that as they clearly know how to make different cards for different people seeing as they’ve done it for investors.


I would ever pay for different colour. I like Monzo but hate this childish pink colour

(#savetheseabass) #19

Vibrant hot coral

(Charlie Kelly) #20

Like those a lot. Custom card designs seem to be one of the most-wanted additions to Monzo, but it doesn’t seem important for them, which makes sense.