Set Payment Limits Per Transaction

(Alex Sherwood) #1

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Card customization
(Bob) #2

Bunq allows you to set daily limits on total transactions, which isn’t quite what you’re asking for but along similar lines.


Bunq has ability to set separate limits for chip and dip, chip and pin, and contactless

(Bob) #4

I don’t see that facility in my account settings. where is it?


it is in the card options not account options, though the card option button at the bottom of the screen was recently replaced with a QR button so you need to go in via the menus on the top of the screen

(Bob) #6

Excellent! I never noticed that :rofl:

I rarely use the card but use the account for direct debits so the options to limit card use are very useful :thumbsup:


This is what their options look like

(Bob) #8

Yeah, I found it. Mine are all ‘off’ now, since I certainly wont be using the card before end of August. Much obliged!